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Anacondas - FPS - Fight against anacondas for your survival. Five levels. At the end of the fifth level there is a button Take The Boat to win. Click it to win. But... Maybe you can score more first :) - HOW TO PLAY: Aim and fire with mouse. Strafe with arrow keys. As new weapons become available, select with keys 1-4. - Dont let anacondas reach the middle of the screen (orange marker) or you may take a hit. Strafe if you must! -
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A poorly made shooter with no interesting gameplay, basically just shooting snakes. You can't even move in this game, also all enemies look the same and the graphic is horrible.

Ugh, the advertisements here are annoying to deal with. I accidentally click one of them because I've gotten a game over.

What with all these advertisements? This game have graphics that are awful. This game shouldn't even HAVE advertisements on it. I dislike the fact that the pistol is the most useless weapon of them off (and the third weapon don't seem to do much damage either)

I haven't made it far enough to get the fourth weapon, however.

The game becomes repetitive to work with, making it boring. The only thing I've tried to bother with is NOT clicking the advertisements! These advertisements are more scary than the anacondas in the game.

The animation is awful. The snakes move like how a child would put a piece of paper, then change it to another motion. This game don't deserve much of a rating, especially with graphics that look like they came from a 1970s video camera and was uploaded.

Now, to make this game better; DON'T throw all those advertisements onto a game that doesn't even deserve ONE! Also, try to make it with a different enemy each round at least. The animations should at least be more...animated.

In short of a summary, don't just throw in a terrible graphic background, then a animal that looks pulled off from somewhere, and have the movements look awful to look at.

the game has very sucky graphics, but plays okay.exept the other weapons other than a pistol are a i hit kill. 1.5 out of 5

I like the way you designed this game. It's a simple & interesting game.

It works. Not the prettiest thing, Could have used different sound effects for different guns. But It is completely functional. And I love the end where you could win or stay to get a higher score. And the Highscore thing actually works. Not the best game but a decent effort. I hope this author continues to become better. He has potential. I think.