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LF2 - Julian War 2 Ch.1 P.3

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Translater - Davis Productions

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The video really nice but the animation was a little bit boring. Well its just a small stuff. Keep up good works!
*btw nice song. I bet you must be fan of Mirai Nikki (Future Diary)

Some suggestions:
Firstly, please change the way you give numbers to episodes. Why the hell couldn't be the thirdt episode, but third part of first episode? This way I can't remember which episode I have watched already, and which I haven't.
What is more, the music irritates me, but maybe this is a matter of which music everyone likes.
Thirdly, your translator made some mistakes :P
But, all in all, your job is good :) I will see next episodes now. I'm glad that you returned after three years :)

music is awesome and animation is bad ass.