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buddha reborn

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iron fist 5 Points

reach wave 5

hand of god 25 Points

reach wave 10

protector 25 Points

bring out final aura of buddha

thunder god 50 Points

reach wave 15

golden buddha 100 Points

reach wave 22

white buddha 100 Points

reach wave 20

Author Comments

the main purpose of this game is to let people know Buddha
was born in Nepal not India
- controller:
- use mouse to play
> left mouse to attack
- If game runs slow change quality setting in main menu
- Refresh score board for newly record score
***Buddha was born in Nepal***

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lol gota get those bugs off with some thunder slapsxD

Now I know where Buddha was born and how I can protect him from crazy mosquitos. Thank you.

good choice of music, clean graphics n nice concept.
I wish to see some further updates as well, like hand weapon upgrades , more obstacles &
more animation of buddha .
apart from that good work

If you are expecting some kind of Buddhist experience, brace yourself for a shock: the game is about swatting mosquitoes dead, supposedly protecting the Buddha as he meditates. So much for the Noble Eightfold Path.

The game needs a serious rethink to fit in with Buddhist tradition: you could change the game to pushing the mosquitoes away - but that would STILL be a lot of unnecessary dukkha when you could simply use some lemongrass oil (should be available in that region of the world) in an oil burner.

The music (serene and peaceful) is at odds with the gameplay (death to all mosquitoes!).

If the aim of the game was to let people know Buddha was born in Nepal, then you failed: there is NO content in the game about this. Note that it is generally accepted that Buddha was born in Lumbini, which is in modern day Nepal. Note that Buddha's birth predates the formation of Nepal. Perhaps the game should be a pilgrimage to Lumbini...

As for the game: nothing new here - kill those mosquitoes before they bite Buddha and upset his meditation... the gameplay is simple (click to swat), and the playfield is unchanging. Your cursor changes appearance, but its cosmetic only. Buddha seems to gain an aura / change size - again only a cosmetic change.

Ignoring the whole "kill the mosquitoes to protect the Buddha" problem, the game really should have been Buddha charging up his meditation bar to create an aura wave that pushes all the mosquitoes away... maybe even lead to a scene change? Cursor changes should have been significant: for example: hand of god lets you place temporary outstretched palms (for mosquitoes to run into!); thunder-god lets you shock the mosquitoes by touching them (not clicking, just swiping); white buddha lets you create mini-aura waves when you click; golden buddha lets you charge up your aura waves to full size!!

Final word: I really liked the music. I really didn't like the game. Especially since it is (supposedly) trying to let people know Buddha was born somewhere (location never mentioned) which is now in modern day Nepal, and yet the game is at serious odds with Buddhist tradition.

dude, you are getting better at this. about the game play : nice graphics, good music . it is fun squishing the bugs :D as you line up in score board. hope to see great games in future good luk