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Coordinates 10 Points

Section Two Completed

Gravity 10 Points

Section One Completed

Rain 10 Points

Section Three Completed

Badge Not Found 50 Points

Complete Level 404

Secret Medal ????? Points

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Author Comments

Happy Robot Day!

WASD or Arrow Keys: Do whatever you place in the function boxes
E: Open the coding menu and set what the directional keys do
R: Return to the main area

If you want to know when I put up another game you can follow me on Twitter @Gharrot.

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Great concept for a game, felt the execution was very slightly off but with a bit of work... Any hints for the secret medal? :)

Nice game. I couldn't be bothered to beat the boss after accidentally pressing R instead of E, but I ejnoyed getting there.

I absolutely love this game. It's such a new original concept, that I didn't expect to work as well as it did. Execution was great too, though I experienced some hardcoe framerate issues upon movement and changing gravity. All in all though, definitely worth the time

I liked the general concept of the game. I do feel that you could have expanded on your capability to change the controls. At no point did it really seem like there was much choice or much thought about what to assign to what, which meant the parts where you assigned code was just a lull in the action.

The controls ultimately weren't very stable, either, which makes me wonder if maybe that's something you might be able to toggle; assign code, but change the amount raised or lowered. Certainly, the gravity levels were very difficult because of how extreme gravity was. Well, the last level was super hard, anyhow.

I think you could do with more thoughtful challenges and less reflex-based ones. When the reflex challenges got hard, they were mostly frustrating.

Currently, the key pressed when you die affects your initial state when you reset, because of the instant reset. This means the gravity ones, which require you to toggle keys or hold them, can make you screw up your initial position when you die. It had less of an effect later. If you could fix that, that would be great.

note to people saying controls dont work: it uses a coordinate system where y is of origin in the top left corner (usefull for displays which can have different size), and y increases down.