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Reg has accidentally crash landed into the Amazin' Forest on his return from a journey abroad - and lost his monacle in the process! Journey over 20 levels collecting treasure to complete the level, find gems along the way for extra bonus points, and level bonus's for completing levels quicker.

Easy difficulty provides regular savepoints through a level - Hard difficulty (and drowning!) restarts current level when you die.

Guide Reg around the level with the left, right and up arrow keys, or a, w, d keys.

p - pause. q - quit. r - restart. m - music on/off.

Mouse and left mouse click can also be used in menus as well as keys.

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......1 treasure is enough
I don't care so many levels,
but feel like you stay in same area
as your home.

Good art can ignore...

I want to give this a better score, but there are some serious issues here. Three of them are small, annoying issues, and one is very, very big.

To be honest, I like the game. I like the graphics, the music is lovely, and the sound effects are awesome. The character is cute, and the whole motif is excellent. The wrap-around effect is used to great effect. The level design is good. Makings of a successful game, right?

What's the problem, then? I had a few mechanical issue. The first is that the character's jump is pretty pathetic. It was so limited that I sometimes found the game hard to control. Some of this is mitigated by the level design, which caters pretty well to the character's skill, however.

A bigger problem is the hit detection of the obstacles. It sucks that Reg suddenly dies so often because something "might have" clipped him. Spikes are especially bad, as I often felt they were destroying the character when he wasn't even on the same platform as they were. The brunt of this is lessened by the fact that character spawns so close to were he dies, but the game has the habit of spawning the player too close to another obstacle.

I was also annoyed by how SLOOOOWWW everything in the game goes. Spikes pop out of the ground and stay there for way too long. Bees stop in mid flight and just sit there doing nothing but blocking the player's path. The overall inability to safely jump over so many things makes this even worse. Moving platforms and weight-triggers move so slow that the game comes to a crawl while using them. It could be an intentional part of the game design, I suppose, but it still made the game needlessly boring at time.

I can turn a blind eye to all of these, but the biggest problem of all isn't so easy to ignore, considering that it broke the game. On level 20, the game locks up EVERY SINGLE TIME YOU DIE. About two seconds after respawn, it just stops, and the only way to fix is it keep reloading the damn page. But that didn't stop me. I was still going to win even if I had to beat the level without failing. This was all well and good until I accidentally hit "New Game" instead of continue, causing the program to re-lock all the levels, effectively destroying my progress. Surely it was my mistake, but what really upset me is that I never would have been on the main page in the first place if I hadn't had to keep reloading the page thanks to the lock-ups. After that, I even reconsidered playing the game from the start and trying to win. Until it locked up again. On level 4 this time.

I can tell a lot of work went into the this game, and I do appreciate it, but that are some things that really need to be polished, and some glitches that need to be fixed. There seem to be some serious glitches associated with level 20. There were a few times, after it was unlocked, that I wasn't even able to select it until going back to the title screen.

I would strongly suggest adding a little pop-up window to the New Game option to tell the player "You're about to erase your progress! Continue?" Then offer a choice of Yes/No. Even amateur gamers use that trick to avoid causing undue anguish. Also, being able to mute the music is nice, but it's a rather useless trick without the option to mute sound effects as well.

Maybe I'm the only one who experienced the level 20 lock-ups, or any at all, but the experience left me with a bad feeling. I hope you can iron out the problems and offer the game as a smooth, enjoyable experience as intended.

its fun but after awhile it gets really boring maybe some power ups and more obstacles and a way to step on on different terrain would be exiting.

I enjoy it really! The design of levels and sounds are very pleasant to eyes and ears. Thank you!

This game was pretty easy but i still enjoyed the difficulty, plataform games aren't really my favourite but to be honest i liked this one :D

Well done!

Credits & Info

3.91 / 5.00

Jul 2, 2015
11:04 AM EDT