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Idle Game Maker

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Bug Hitter 5 Points

Hit away 50 Bugs

Actionscript 3.0 Pro 10 Points

Upgrade Actionscript 3.0 to level 50

Bug Squasher 10 Points

You've smashed over 250 Bugs

C++ Pro 10 Points

Upgrade C++ to level 50

HTML5 Pro 10 Points

Upgrade HTML to level 50

iOS Pro 10 Points

Upgrade iOS to level 50

JavaScript Pro 10 Points

Upgrade JavaScript to level 50

Unity Pro 10 Points

Upgrade Unity to level 50

Android Pro 25 Points

Upgrade Android to level 50

Bug Devastator 25 Points

You've destroyed over 1000 bugs

Lua Pro 25 Points

Upgrade Lua to level 50

Mac Pro 25 Points

Upgrade your Mac level to level 50

Python Pro 25 Points

Upgrade Python to level 50

Windows Pro 50 Points

Upgrade Windows to level 50

Golden Apple 100 Points

Upgrade iOS to level 100

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Author Comments

You've just installed the magical GameManagerProv1_build01.rar.exe software onto your computer! You'll now be able to create games by simply sitting around and doing nothing!
Upgrade your 1337 skills in the shop to increase your profit, decrease time between payments, and increase your fame!

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soft-fix for anyone having trouble with medals:
there seems to be a bug related to the turnover timer, which stops the game from awarding medals to your profile even if unlocked in-game. once this bug has been triggered, the only fix is to close the game and start over, as the current game is permanently locked from unlocking medals to your profile.

this bug seems to happen when the turnover time is too short, or gets "past" the saving point (which seems to happen around the 1 second mark). this could be triggered by either squashing bugs when you're close to getting paid, or if your timer is too short in the first place.

the easy way to prevent this from happening is to increase your timer and prevent it from getting it close to 0 in an unnatural way. this is necessary especially when trying to get the 1000 bug squashed medal. the only upgrades that do this are the android and ios ones (mac and windows also decrease your timer, unlike what's written in-game).

basic tips to unlock all medals:
- when starting out, make sure to get to the upgrades screen without squashing any bugs accidentally, just in case.
- upgrade actionscript whenever you're just waiting and not doing anything else, as it's free and it increases the money you get after each cycle.
- avoid upgrading unity, python, mac or windows unless you're going for their respective medals. when doing so, make sure you have enough money to get to level 50 in one go, or have a long enough timer as buffer to stay above the 10/20 second turnover time.
- to get the medals for squashing bugs, the "safest" way is to get javascript to 50, then put all the money you get into ios levels to increase your timer as much as possible, then use that time to squash bugs without going under the "saving point" trigger.
it's recommended to stop squashing bugs around the 30 second mark and go back to the upgrades screen to wait it out.

I enjoyed this It could use a sequel

Nice game :)

Nice game here

Yo do have a nice game here it has a few bugs here and there, The medals take a bit of time to access that may take some looking into, OK so I had a fun time with this entry you brought everything forward and with some good feel to it, most the elements you pushed on this was pretty good, and I really enjoyed everything so great start to something really good here, hope you keep that level of quality up.

The medals take a bit of time to access that may take some looking into


pretty good the begening is easy but it will take a while to every thing above level like 5,000
and little did i know i would be squasing bugs aswell.

Credits & Info

3.18 / 5.00

Jul 2, 2015
4:34 AM EDT