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Oops I accidentally finished a video quickly.
Hey there Newgrounds! How are you? I'm doing fine. I made a bunch of comics, and thought they were funny, so I turned them into cartoons. And also, I guess I animate faster when I don't have school. So yeah. See you guys later.

EDIT: Front page? You guys are way too nice! Thanks so much! It means the world to me!

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The writing was meh, I laughed at 1 or 2 parts, but I really love the animation in this.

urbfilms responds:


Existentialism... I would expect more thoughts, something the least bit profound.

My only reason for complaining is that it's a topic of great importance for many people, leaving many of us to question, observe, and ultimately accept and reject based on our own preconceptions, misconceptions, and fears.

There's many a discussions that can and should be happening on the topic, that never do, because of the forced duality of the way we see things of enemies and allies. Most people are too primitive for such a conscious conversation. I suppose this video had to appeal to them as well, or it wouldn't have made it to the front page huh?

The drawings were fairly decent, the ending was good, and the voices were decent and dialogue comprehensible. so I will say good job in that respect. :)

urbfilms responds:

Hey, thanks for your review. The video wasn't really meant to be taken seriously, it was just supposed to be a comedy video, but thanks for taking your time to watch it.

its pretty good but I could do something like that
i mean whatever it doesn't matter right?
why would I even try to make something like this?
why should I even finish this rev

urbfilms responds:

I know, righ

i cried a little

urbfilms responds:

Its okay. We all did.

Dis moovy ehs abslutlee terebul. Iht mehks meh wahnt to suk a munkeys scroatom jst too geat the turrible tehste uv yor facist propaganda owt uv mai eys. IGN - nein/nein

Do something else with your life like kill yourself this just isnt four yoo

urbfilms responds:

Thanks i wud laek to thank mah fingurs cuz i can always count on them.

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3.89 / 5.00

Jun 28, 2015
12:46 PM EDT