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Gunmetal Black Ep 01

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My Patreon! /www.patreon.com/user?u=102503&ty=h&u=102503

(Every little bit helps)

A while ago I made a short concept vid called Gunmetal Black
(WATCH HERE: http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/645882) about an idea I had. That vid grew into this. I changed one char's name but I think this is my first 100% all out anime animation sans the music intro.

I mostly did this to practice fights and things since this is a kind of action story. Hope it's worth it. Took only like 4 months -_-

Thanks to my Patreon supporters
Rosa C
Tom Fulp
and the anonymous donator

You guys helped me get the equipment and software to make these better fight scenes

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its glitch in some areas and jumpy in others but the music story (so far) and animation is actually pretty good if you could in future projects eliminate clitchings and just a suggestion make it alittle less bright during the day areas it would be absolutely fantastic

interesting art style and I adore your music choice, the storyline is intriguing as well!

I rated it a 5 star because of it having a great deal of animation that was flawlessly moved within it, and that one could also follow the story well. It was my first time in watching anything of the series of movies made, so it's nice to know of the basis. Was a little confusing at first, but made sense soon enough. Curious of a few points, like of when she was holding the wooden sword on her shoulders. The right side had looked like it was cutting almost completely through the arm. ^^' with her being in math class, one can also see her hair through her hand.

Just trying to help out. ^^' apologies if it seemed in bad taste to mention those things. Still give it 5 stars for the entire piece being awesome, with the fighting scenes being fluid. :D

Kel-chan responds:

Nah, that's clipping. It sometimes happens when I'm lazy or there are physics on the model that I don't catch in playback and something goes through something else.

It's weird watching this now since to me- the animation is soo bad and the next episode is sooo much better

i can't wait to see the next episode

I agree with Wolfie. It is really awesome to find someone that still creates stuff likes this with passion and knowing that whenether it is good or bad, it is still something to be proud of. Good stuff!

I am not so much critic but I can add one thing.

Now, here are my thought on the animation. ( I love anime )

For me, the beginning was interesting and kept me wanting more for just some moments. The black and white effect was cool but after a while you get used to it. I think it would've been cooler if you did that effect when she was using her skills in the sky and rest was color. The effect would become something like showing that this is the time a special move is engaged.
Was it a dream? Was it the future? As far as I could tell, after the battle when she lay in her bed, there wasn't any kind of reference or sign as to give the viewer a way to find out what the beginning was. And for me that felt a bit empty.

Her personal story feels really cliche... Anime characters living home alone... Something I can deal with though but it isn't something that adds to the interest of the viewer.

After that.... Was her friend her childhood friend (another cliche) or just another friend she got to know? The tea drinking part was unique but I felt I didn't have a enough strong impact on the comedy to be funny enough.

Even though it was short, I found the sword slash in the dojo to be the best part of their conversation.`

The fight between the men in the middle of the animation was great! The ronin sign was a bit funny.

THE BEST PART OF THE ANIMATION!!! HALLELUJA!! But seriously that part was very funny for me!(with the old man turning the off button) Nice one!

The sword on the ground was interesting but for me there was not enough hints as to how that sword was a "mystery" or "special" and therefor didn't keep my interest. Btw why was it lying there, is it something that will be told later on or is it gonna be a loophole?

Unless I didn't miss something... How did she get a bag for that sword and why? She was gonna give it to the Mobsters so why did she have bag for it, waste of money? I also notice at this point that around her pupils there is a pink color. Is the tired from sleeping or? Her friend seems alright....?

Funny that the mobster guys has the same hair style. Not a bad thing just a bit funny, maybe a bit cliche as well. But I do find the Bosses "Enough" to be out of place. Feels like it is more suited to a huge debate rather than a short conversation. I agree with Wolfie on the nervous part. The Bosses running attack looked weird and cliche again with the main character taking him out in one blow, pretty anticipated. What was that blue thingy at 08:05?

The ending doesn't leave much of a cliffhanger and not much excitement for what comes next.


The major good parts.

I felt like the voice acting was really good and it really felt like the characters had their own personality even though there wasn't much interaction between the friends in the beginning, it was still something.

The character fights was also really good and I thought that the men fight in the middle was smooth and really great!

Loved the halleluja part.

The environment was really nice and it really felt like you did a lot of work creating it all.

The beginning caught my interest and was a really cool start, sadly though that it didn't go through to the end.

The animation on whole felt good enough to be able to watch, the only thing that bothered me was the lag spikes i had.


My review doesn't really consistant but as long as I can spell it out to you, I'm fine :) And as always, all of this is subjective.
I'm also trying to create my own short movie by using Maya. So, as a fellow animator and modelling guy, I'm just gonna quote what Wolfie said.

"Don't stop animating!" - Wolfie

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4.12 / 5.00

Jun 25, 2015
9:04 PM EDT
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