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Author Comments

2D single player game, the adventure genre, with platform and puzzle challenges. The game is fully voiced in PT / BR.
   Living in a chaotic world wars between two different races, You control Liss, who has psychic abilities and their primary weapons are four knives that she controls with the mind. In the game you have to go looking for Tess, her younger sister who was taken by an organization for study purposes. As she progresses in levels faces many enemies and puzzles that you must use your skills to revolve them.

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The gameplay has a stuttering pace, but the setting and pictures are beautiful! (You might want a more distinct color for your subtitles, or at least a black background so the words stand out.) The music has a technological feel, and the characters look vibrant. It's the kind of world where there's plenty to see and learn, and you imagined quite a few different types of enemies. The mechanics felt like basic platforming with a basic attack/defense combo -- nothing new, but the Focus mechanic made a more layered challenge. Could there have been a way to use Focus for combat? That might be fun.

Combat had some variety, but not very much. For any solo enemy, I shielded until they attacked, then I attacked, and then I repeated. This meant a lot of waiting, which bored me. But the earth-lifting apes changed that. I couldn't shield from that attack, so I had to protect myself by dodging. That was very fun. If I fought two enemies, I had to time myself more carefully, which was a bit frustrating, but not bad. If one of those two was a slime bat, then I had to dodge it or else be exposed to damage I couldn't afford.

But the robot and the room full of reinforcements gave me a lot of trouble. The robot was the first and only foe to be immune to the shield. It would have been nice if I'd learned to not rely on my shield sometime *before* facing a foe who attacks 3-4 times at once. As for the reinforcements, I feel like a larger stage would have helped. It's very tough to fight two gunmen *and* a slime bat when there's no space for dodging. Either I kill gunmen first and hope the bat ignores me, or I kill the bat first and take multiple attacks in the process. Neither was fun.

The boss was a big example of the world, but the first time I played this, I reached the real ending by accident. As a result, the game felt way too short, and I never got to see those extra uses for Focus. The second time, I got the future-vision ending, which added some playtime and Focus but felt like a cheap reset. If you wanted to double the game's length, it'd be more fun to have two stages for everyone, not the same thin stage twice.

Overall, it's a nice game -- small gameplay but beautiful artwork. If you create new challenging games, use your enemies that encourage the player to add new tactics (bullets from both left and right, apes flinging earth) and fewer slime-style attacks that take all of the player's options away.

It's a very nice game! my suggestion is for you to put a full screen mode but the rest is very good! I love the concept and the soundtrack. Congrats guys!

EmperiumGames responds:

Thank you !! Who knows the future, but currently it is not our focus, we are working on another project.

Im not right handed so if yoiu could let the arrow keys be used as well cause Im having trouble playing/enjoying it.

EmperiumGames responds:

switch to the arrows would only slow you down, because of defense and concentration button. I know that with a little practice you end up getting the hang.

decent for a first time game, but needs improvement. for one the animation was kinda choppy. level design was alright but some of the enemy placement was bad. I would find my self being shot by a guy who is just of the screen. The story wasn't great but wasn't bad either so it's got plenty of potential. I look forward to see more from you in the future ( I also liked the music quite a bit :D)

EmperiumGames responds:

Thank you, our team is very happy you enjoyed


Firstly I LOVED the concept and the story behind it, my issue comes in 1's and 0's

1) Doors of instant death;
In the second part of going into the labs, we had doors of insta-death and we had the big mutant bug which i grew to loathe

2) Frozen or Not...
While covered in goo, you are still able to attack but not defend, which i don't think is intended but its not as bad as being able to move while you are goo'd which is the exact opposite of the point.

Otherwise this was a game of Legendary potential, and i hope all the best for its future (not bothered by the length because it sort of suited the game itself)

EmperiumGames responds:

Thank you. Let us look better and better and is always welcome the help of everyone in this process. We really appreciate your comment. This was only our first game, we will look better and better with the help of all.

Credits & Info

3.63 / 5.00

Jun 23, 2015
10:45 AM EDT