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Decepticon Hero

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Author Comments

This is a demo for the deception jam. It is a 2d side scrolling shooting game where you can jump, duck, float in the sky and kill robots.

Arrows down to duck.

Arrows left right to move like Mario.

Z to jump. Hold Z to float like Ray Man.

X to shoot. Hold X to charge your shot like Mega Man.

ESC to go back to the title screen.

M to mute all sound.

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Enemy spam is good, right? I should use that in my own games!

Immense difficulty spike from 2nd to 3rd stage.

I see you took inspiration from games of the series such as Mario, Rayman and Megaman, yet you didn't absorb what made those franchises enjoyable to play in the first place:
-Fluid movement
-Good options on how to traverse a terrain (at least for the newest titles)
-Balanced and gameplay: challenging, but fair
-Game mechanics as the core of the stages or of the game itself.

I recommend GameMaker's Toolkit if you'd like to extract some of that information better, Mark Brown - you can find his channel on YouTube - has multiple videos on how and why franchises are praised or diminished in a game design aspect.

Good luck with your game making journey.

Plus: audio only works after first death - very minor complaint since the music doesn't add or subtract much from the experience.

It was alright. You should make the graphics a bit better, and there was no story. I stopped playing after 5 minutes because I wasn't that interested.

Love it! the colors are cool and it reminds me a lot of megaman. Also I like how all the sounds fit pleasantly with the music

Good job on the Deception Jam entry!

Simple and polished game, nice work!