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UPDATE: 06/22 23:20 (GTM-4)
> Fixed a lot of grammatical errors.

First, thanks for playing!

Second, english isn't my native lenguage, sorry if I have some mistakes in the translation.

Third, this is an exclusive Newgrounds demo, some things can change in the future, this demos is more functionally on his ".exe" version.

You can download the ".exe" Demo here:

Sticky Keys: Move
Z: Shoot Key
X: Jump Key
C: Minimap
WASD: Backpack keys

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Super atmospheric and nice looking, but extremely buggy. The screen freezes when I choose 'Try again' after dying and it's really frustrating that you have to carry out the same coversations every time you restart the game. Being able to speed up the conversations by holding in Z would be really useful.
And, as previous reviews have stated, killing the fish underwater does't work because you run out of air before the coversation is over.
There are a few mistakes in the language so having a native english speaker go over the script might be a good idea.
Otherwise it's a really pretty and interesting game, and I hope to see much more of it in the future!

The graphics are great. Just needs more polishing and better programming and you have an amazing game here. Great concept :)

I really like the style and concept of this game, but at the moment it's very glitchy. Every time I try to 'restart' the screen freezes on the 'try again/quit' screen, although the controls still make sounds.

As the other reviewer said, if you kill the fish underwater, you die before the conversation is over, and as the 'restart' doesn't work having to refresh the entire game every time makes for a frustrating experience. Adding to this frustration is the slow unskipable dialogue in the beginning of the game. It would be nice if hitting x or z caused all the dialogue to pop up at once, and hitting it again would skip it.

All that being said I think this has potential to be a brilliant game, once the minor (yet annoying) issues are ironed out. . The story and graphics are engaging and entertaining. Despite the technical issues I still wanted to play and was entertained by this game.

This looks great, atmosphere feels great I like how the game changes according to your choices.
I wanted to try the executable too but unfortunately my PC won't run it.
As I like this and hope it gets better, I'll go for some constructive criticism :p
1- text is too slow. 'Damaged robot: dot dot dot dot dot dot...' imo way too slow! >< + there should be a way to skip it for those replaying.
2-If you kill the fish underwater, you die running out of air because of the conversation.. this doesn't seem right. Maybe air could stop running out while talking?
3- Just to start the game I used 'S' to skip, X and Z keys? why not all the same key? Also plz note that in EU we use other keyboard layouts such as QWERTZ and AZERTY where the Z key is where the Y is for you... not very ergonomic.
See: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Keyboard_layout#QWERTY-based_layouts_for_Latin_script
4-The 'Play again' isn't working for me, tried to trigger it pressing all the keys but none worked, hence I had to reload instead. :/

...and now I got stuck into a wall while trying to go down slowly.
With all the restarts, I'm kind of fed up of restarting, specially with the slow text. A 'reload' or 'reset to last checkpoint' button would be nice.

Anyway very promising! keep it up & GL! :)

FtFxe responds:

So much thanks for comment!
I'm going to fix that on the July update, and adding a QWERTY / AZERTY (maybe with a gamepad support) in the options.

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2.98 / 5.00

Jun 22, 2015
9:18 PM EDT
Action - Platformer - Other