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Get In The Hole

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(HEY, if you just see a red screen then try using a different web browser or downloading the desktop version from mortimer.itch.io/gith. Sorry!!)
(oh also this game has some crazy FLASHING IMAGES that have given some players a headache, have actually made some players jump, and could even give you a seizure or something. so be careful out there)

A pair of siblings set their mind on finding out what's in the centre of a black hole.

Control two characters, jumping over stuff all Canabalt-style (while building up a delicious dynamic soundtrack) to help our heroes no doubt make a life-changing cosmic discovery.

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It's, uh... interesting, to say the least. I like the simplistic gameplay mechanics, and the audiovisual department delivers. Only complaint I have is that the running sequence where you have to control both characters is disorienting. Or maybe I just lack the brain power to focus on two things simultaneously... :P

That was one of the best experiences I've had on this site. I don't like scary stuff, but I love unsettling things which this was. The effects were 10/10, and the art brings me back to 2D Boy's games, which I'm a huge fan of. Overall just a wonderful little package, it shouldn't have such a low rating. The difficulty is just enough to let you get by even if you fuck up a lot, which I did lol.

The actual mechanic of the game isn't very complicated or original, but it's presented in a way I've never seen before. Amazing job, this was surreal as hell

Pretty neat game. However, the idea feels unoriginal but, it is quite hard to tell due to the surreal presentation of it.

I absolutely LOVED the colour schemes you used. Also the pseudo- realistic backgrounds added onto the uneasy, eerie affect that you were trying to portray. Well done in this part. Basically the art style was a definite plus in this game.

The gameplay on the other hand was badly done. The part where you have to suddenly control both characters could have been handled much better. It started off pretty easy but then a massive difficulty spike came right out of nowhere. I'm sure there could've been a better pace in difficulty during that part. The worst gameplay section was the meteor part. They came at you so fast that amazing reaction speeds were needed to not get hit. I only managed to complete that part due to chance- hoping they wont hit me where i was.

Overall, this was great as a movie but poorly handled as a game. I can't say I disliked this however. I thought that the visual style was really unique and beautiful. In the future I think it'll be better to focus on how the game would play out rather than the idea.

Haha I love it.