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FallAloneFallFar 2

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Author Comments

Get ready to play an awesome brain falling game!
The infinite skyfaller;
Buy outfits to match your taste!
Fall longer to earn more points,
buy more outfits and have the time of your life!

WiLD11 - Game developer
saucybird - Music
Stefan - for creating the 1st game in the series.

FallAloneFallFar 1


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I like the music and the art, aside from the red hitboxes.

However I think at the beginning you speed up too fast and at the end you're speeding up too slowly. I think you should've gone for a logarithmic curve instead of a linear one. Like some constant times log(n) as n increases instead of some constant times n.

I'm assuming you're increasing speed by like move(speed); speed++; or something
instead do like move(Math.log(speed)); speed++;

if you catch my drift. The beginning is too easy and then it gets too much harder to fast.
Speeding up on a log curve would work better I think.

WiLD11 responds:

Yeah, made this a few years back, lost source ;c

For what it is, I liked this game. It was simple while still being a solid gameplay experience. A few comments on it that might make it better in my opinion, which obviously is not the same as everyone's.
1. The red blocks are nice but I think maybe something like birds or something that you might come across in the sky might make it cosmetically a little better.
2. The hit markers seem to be a little off at times, I sometimes felt that I wasn't close enough to get hit but still did. That could just be me being stupid.
Besides that I enjoyed it. I love the little character and how they move when you go left or right, the scoring mechanism and the overall gameplay and idea. I did a Let's Play of it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=enztcRKaeFU and did a bit more of a review on it. Keep up the good work.

Hi, Wild11!

Here is a few things I will like to show you.

Here is the list of glitches
1. When you move around, The sizing feature slows down the movement so.. I think you focused to much on that

2. Your auto-generating world can spawn blocks, inside of blocks. This is very uncommon and it happened around lets say 14 times... But auto-generation.. hehe.

Now here is the real time

I love the graphics, I love them deeply. But here is the thing, Now this is mine.. Not yours (the reader) It hurts my eyes and I cant actually focus on the character, And whenever the blocks spawn and it gets faster you normally crash when you get your highest score
"MOM IM ON SCORE 157,473" -- "nooo!" Its.. um.. Well is it the point of the game?

I love the music, No complaints about that actually. Its awesome.

Also I found a glitch with the X, Y and Z,
If you stay in a very odd point -- None of the blocks spawn in! and hit you!
(For half a minute)

Its not that major but its a good of enough a cheat, However we dont know the coords

Anyway, Great job!

Pretty neat arcade game! The only thing is when you move your character, it takes some time for it to move and sort of distracts you. Three stars.

WiLD11 responds:

Werid. I find it being a nice feature, thanks for the 3 stars :)

Credits & Info

4.52 / 5.00

Jun 19, 2015
10:22 AM EDT