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Astral Guard

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Author Comments

Ancient prophecy says : ''The thirty-third eclipse of the sun from the beginning of New Era marked by the confluence of the worlds. Dark worlds will open their doors to start the Great Invasion..'' Only few believed that..."


First of all, i'm not from an english speaking country, so that made it kind of hard for me to read all of the starting story. I would've liked a click-function, to decide when i'm done. That might just be me though.
I also found the controls hard. They didn't always respond, and since i'm used to jump with the space button, i found that a little hard as well. Some settings would've been nice. Again, that might just be me.
Otherwise, i liked the graphics, though the screen were a bit small, and i liked the music and the story as well.
The gameplay is seen before though.

i love the concept how you create a RPG for 01 screen!

The play screen was way to claustrophobic for me.

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The opening story was interesting, although I found a few grammar errors. I am not saying it is a huge deal, but yeah, ya gotta have your English together to make a great English speaking story.

The controls were not responsive. I found myself hitting the left click button only to fight my avatar staring at me blankly while the skeletons were eating his balls.

That was a huge turn off for me, but if you fix these minor things, I think that it would be pretty interesting. Maybe a 3, but I would advise making it more of a scrolling 2D game.

Good start, keep working at it.

so far this seems cool, but as with many other titles ive seen on this site, i cant really wrap my head around the reason why people who dont speak english as their first language would attempt to make a game in english without at least having a native speaker revise and edit the script for them.

the lack of this kind of editing didnt take away from the experience much but it succeeded in creating some incredibly derpy wording. I'm not sure if this is just a translated version and it was originally in a different language, but either way it should really be fixed up a bit.

it took me a while to figure out how to get back to the game after the first level was played - maybe think about marking the portal button in the top right so that we understand it means "continue"

animation is good and the sound seems pretty good too but i really wish the levels were a little bit wider. it doesnt really make sense for them to be that restrictive and narrow when the enemies crowd the screen as if there was one every 2 feet throughout the entire planet (yes i understand there are supposed to be a huge number of them, but if they were this multitudinous or focused then they would also be inside the guild hall, not just outside)

given that the game requires many different and short attempts at victory before gaining enough points to level up abilities significantly, i would really prefer if it didnt take so long for the stats to show up or for the player to continue to the next attempt. i'm already irritated by the sluggish nature of the stats and intro to the battles by my second attempt. (although i recognize and appreciate that you used sound effects from morrowind lol - was this game inspired by oblivion/earlier elder scrolls?)

i swear i just reached 220 gold and it told me that was my total but when i arrived at the guild i only had 115. that's really not OK especially given the issue i brought up above with waiting/loading time.

i upgraded my mana regen skill and it cost me 2 level attempts worth of gold, then went to the store tab of the guild to see if i could afford anything else worthwhile. when i returned to the academy tab, my upgrade was gone but my gold had not returned. this combined with my other complaints (as well as other reviews which noted that the game doesnt save progress at all once the browser tab is closed or navigated away from) has unfortunately caused me to lose faith in the game and i am not going to be playing it any further.

this kind of problem is completely unacceptable in a game which expects the player to spend so much time repeating the same levels in the first place. im surprised people gave this a good rating, tbh. it has potential and seems really cool, but it's just completely broken and non functional. i cant waste any more time on this and am sorely disappointed in the plethora of bugs ive discovered in what amounts to 10 regrettable minutes of gameplay... sorry man. i hope you can get this fixed because it seems like it could be cool.

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Credits & Info

3.16 / 5.00

Jun 18, 2015
9:36 PM EDT
Action - Other