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Aztec: Tactical Conquest

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Author Comments

Are you ready to face the Mexican jungle full of hostile savages and ancient armies? Then take the role of the Spanish conquistador on his way to conquer the Aztec empire! This turn-based strategy is featuring over 30 animated unit types, historical as well as fictional ones. Designed to be many times replayable.

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not working

How can I plat the Aztec defense scenario?

Thunder-Hawk responds:

I am afraid it's no longer possible. This specific game version is no longer hosted on the websites it used to be, and I can't modify the source code any more.

Great game. I killed 710 and lost 312 only. gained 734 gold.
players should change formation of soldier in their desired. I suggested using bear or hammer.
upgrade units in any time it could except cannon (it is for the last). I reached max level of heavy riders.
Like other strategy game protect your archers with armored units in the front. riders are almost invincible.
Using geography to kill. Like push enemy units to pit or water or hiding in place that have arrow protection.
Noted that crossbowman only fired once per time(I did not like that)
Arquebusiers(man with gun) fired through ally and enemy some times not.
Using leader units until only one man left.then shift back.
Do not rush in first turn but not in enemy reinforcement.
Using a new mouse to do heavy attack(I suggested author should give another option to do that.)
Need to mind the range of enemy units and players units.
Do not engage the flying man with few archers. just leave the battle.

Equal parts wonderful and awful.

I adore it for it is very tactically inclined indeed, and a very good strategy game through and through; however, the harder difficulties you play on, the more and more a single battle (that you cannot restart) can hinge on a single movement, and time after time I lost the opportunity to wipe out an enemy force because instead of attacking, my soldiers just meandered on closer to them, for I happened to click the square next to them by accident, and couldn't undo it.

I find this incredibly odd; for you had the foresight to realize that losing in the major battles meant you lost entirely; so you allowed for players to leave those and restart as if they didn't happen; yet for battles wherein you could gain gold and experience, you did no such thing.

So your options, as a player, are: "Win every battle, and gain more experience and upgrades thereby" or "Lose, and with every battle you lose, the game becomes more and more frustrating".

The 'oops' is another awful thing. Don't get me wrong, it's a fantastic idea; because blunders naturally happen in real battles. However, there ought to be a likelihood of that sort of thing. For example, you have a greater chance of missing a turn if your men are walking on ground that doesn't suit them (I.E, heavy swordsmen, in full armour, would have a harder time walking through a jungle than, say, the light infantry). And again, on the harder difficulty you play, the more awful it becomes; since the less and less troops you have, the MORE and more vital each of their attacks and movements becomes; so when you have your men missing out on attack after attack (usually after bringing themselves right next to the enemy and within range of their arrows), you're more likely to lose; more likely to lose means less money and exp; less money and exp means worse troops; and worse troops means more likely to lose. It is a vicious circle that continues until you simply CANNOT win, for the enemy's forces are so great and elite that you get completely wiped away with them.

My verdict: High difficulties don't make the game more challenging, just more frustrating. Do yourself a favour and play on Normal.

Really like the game, except for the part where you can win a battle by killing the leader. Perhaps there should be a option to choose whether you should kill every last enemy or only the leader.

Credits & Info

3.65 / 5.00

Jun 18, 2015
2:07 PM EDT