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Two Hundo 5 Points

Score 200 points

Baby Stack 25 Points

Score 500 points

Trappin 4 Real 100 Points

Score 750 points

Author Comments

UPDATE 2: I hear you, 1000 points is hard as heck for a medal. I reduced that to 750 which is still brutal but you can do it. I believe in you. Also added W as a jump button while I'm at it.

On a personal note: I love all the feedback I've gotten, be it good, bad, critical, constructive or straight up hate. Keep em coming, I read everything, this is how developers learn :)

Lastly, I want to be clear on this: The game does not throw impossible obstacles at you. You can screw yourself over by planning a jump wrong, but there are two steps to everything, two walls, two jumps. Keep that in mind. It's not a game about mashing the jump button until you die.

UPDATE: I'm really sorry so many of you seemed to have a bad experience playing TrapTower! I've spent a good amount of time trying to fix the issues you've all raised, though I admit it's been tricky. I *think* that it all stems from a bug where pressing character select in game would mess everything up, so that's been fixed now. I've also removed mouse controls for jumping and cycling through characters, while adding A and D as character select keys (arrow keys still work though!) and added Z, UP ARROW, and SPACE as jump buttons (X also still works).

Hopefully it helps!

I've also changed the game to be more difficult, while at the same time making coins spawn more often.

Help the cuties stuck in the TrapTower wall-jump as high as they can, while avoiding spikes, bullets, spinning saw blades, and lasers! Collect coins to unlock new cuties to play with! Have fun!

X to jump, start, retry, unlock characters
LEFT and RIGHT ARROWS: switch between characters
MOUSE: jump, most other things. Press all of the buttons

TrapTower is available on the App store and Android, too!

iOS: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/traptower/id962031311?mt=8
Android: https://t.co/585YnDLmKS

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Cool clicker

A fun and cool clicker here makes for a good time waster but all in the name of fun, The down times for the lighting cannons was anoying but guess that was the intent, I do think more medals would be a plus.


Good Game!

too difficult

This is almost impossible.
I agree with icejokerj.

Quite a good time waster, the way the game "bounces" is similar to a rhythm game, allowing you to work up a steady stream of button presses. Though quite simple, you can easily lose an hour to it if you are not paying attention!

Alas, it is brought down by a few... err, glitches? Perhaps. I am not sure if some of these things are intentional or not;

Jumping from Left to Right goes higher than a jump from Right to Left, which can make it pretty hard to keep a steady rhythm.

If multiple lasers stack, it is possible to get an impossible jump, this easily happens when 3 or more appear at once.

"Cannons" or whatever they are called, the ones that fire a lob of bright light. Well, these things have very VERY random cool down times, making predicting jumps when one is below you very difficult, though, to be fair, it is still pretty rare to lose a run to one.

Character hitboxes are wholly inconsistent, this is easily seen on spikes, when you will not be killed if your feet get tangled up in the spikes, notably though; Getting hit here when landing will kill you. Characters heads also seem to get "unfairly" stabbed by spikes when landing, but I've not seen anything that looks "wrong" when it occurs.

Spike wheels (small) have some rather unusual properties; they won't kill you if they are paused on the side of the wall you are on if you jump. You can see the character jump straight through it, quite strange.

I never got past 700 feet, so I have nothing further to say about the traps in this trap tower.

All in all, quite fun, and aside from the laser thing, there are no jumps that are impossible if you plan two jumps ahead... And I guess it would have been nice if the Unlock-able characters did more than just change your sprite.

Credits & Info

3.22 / 5.00

Jun 18, 2015
9:56 AM EDT