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Escape from the Catacombs

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Author Comments

You've finally found the secret passage in the palace and narrowly escaped the police. However, your victory is short-lived. You find yourself in a dark catacombs that haven't seen the light for years. You have the feeling that someone is lurking at you. At every noise you turn. Figure out a way to escape from this place, before you go blind as a bat.

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Pretty good game, but some things don't make sense. First, why aren't the police still after the protagonist? Sure, he's out of the palace now, but he's just a few rooms underground. It's not like he went through a labyrinthine maze before winding up at the beginning of the game and he didn't even go round a few corners as well. Second, why is the paddle hidden within a secret passage guarded by a really confusing puzzle rather than being with the boat? It's as if the person owning the boat wants to give him/herself trouble while trying to access the river with the boat. Third, why is a key to the river stuck to the wall rather than hanging off of a hook? It just looks silly. Fourth, what is an alligator doing in Paris' catacombs? Unless the alligator was a pet who was dumped in the catacombs as an alternative to sewers or somehow escaped the zoo and wound up in the catacombs, it shouldn't be anywhere near France since alligators are only native to China and the US. Fifth, why is a knife hidden in a box that requires a puzzle to solve? It's a knife, not some sacred treasure that needs guarding. Other than that, the puzzles are nice but a bit challenging (especially the first one that's blocking the secret passage and involves the colors), the item placement mostly makes sense (including the bread, since that could've been misplaced by the last guy who's been down in the catacombs), and the story is overall good especially since its a direct sequel to the last game rather than being a standalone. Great job!

It's great except that "cracked brick" is enormously hard to find. I only found it by sheer luck.

It was good. The color puzzle was probably the hardest part, but very clever.

Plots look good. I was able to collect all items. However, I didn't know what to do with some of them. For example, a bone and a knife. Thanks to the walk through, I couldn't have solved the wall colour puzzle without it.

Too short, ends just as you are enjoying it. Lantern says it is empty after you fill it with oil. There is no date of 1788.

Credits & Info

3.51 / 5.00

Jun 15, 2015
4:14 AM EDT