Cubic Snake

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Arrow keys to move horizontally, A / Z or A / Y vertically.

Upd: thanks for so inspiring comments and suggestions! I'll add music, scoreboards and small graphics changes soon.

The game is more like a crazy concept to try. Went well, so in time I'll make a full game with many playing modes, better graphics, more responsive controls, menus, and maybe an option for red-cyan 3d glasses :)

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great concept but the controls, lack of music, and visibility need work.
you should allow there to be custom controls, and probably a toggle for transparency and the angle that you look at the game from. Right now i cant play because the a and z buttons are what i would consider to be "backwards" . To me it seems like A should move you away from the screen not toward it.

Great concept, with a little polish, like sound, and maybe slightly quicker motions, this could be one of the greats.

very creative

revenantgames responds:


It is most certainly a clever idea, and it is reasonably well executed. The controls do take a fair ammount of getting used to, but then it is rare to play a game where it is possible to move so freely in three dimensions.
Once above 20 points or so, it became increasingly difficult to keep track of my tail. when moving around on the "highest" level, it was odd not having somewhere higher to go to, which I often fell foul of.
I occasionally struggled with the pacing of the snake, but not often. Similarly the controls were a little sluggish (pun intended), which means my snake is not that nimble, and more thoughtful. It's a little awkward if you want to play at speed, rather than in a more methodical way.
The fonts are rather mundane, generally speaking, if you would use it in a word document, it's probably not right for a game. Aesthetically a thick modern font would be great, Prototype is a good free one.
The walls are a nice and very useful touch. The way the walls work solves most the problems i would expect in a game like this. The design is good, and it feels close to the original snake, in that it is one's own spacial reasoning ability that provides the challenge.
As I'm always a fan of hi-score tables, I would like to see one implemented, (current hi-score 33)

I'd like to give this game 3.25 stars.

revenantgames responds:

Thanks for your comment! Very helpful.
I'll look into better fonts, and surely will add hi-score tables here on Newgrounds.
Keeping track of tail is a bit confusing, yeah. I was trying to make snake semi-transparent but it only messed things up, that's something to work on more.

This was a really nice new take on the old snake game! Nice done. Like that u can see all around what level the cube are at. But it was a bit hard to quickly go vertically, was not so used to it . But it lacks music, will be sooo mutch better with some music.
Here u can see me playing it, I did add some youtube music to it.

revenantgames responds:

Wow! Thanks a lot for the video, it helps developers greatly to see actual gameplay by other people.
Music, you're right totally, I can even see in your video that it feels much better with music. It'll be in next updates.

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Jun 13, 2015
10:09 AM EDT
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