Robo Duel Fight

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Each turn the attacker "Melee" or "Shooting". The defender chooses "Anti-Melee" or "Anti-Shooting" after both players choose, it comes with the results. When the result is the same, the attacker is failed to do high attack damage. When the result is the different the attacker do high attack damage. When the power energy bar is on Lv2 or Lv3 you can press to boost. The game end when a player won 2 rounds in the battle.

Controls of players:
1st Player:
Melee: "Z" Shooting: "X" Boost: "C"

2nd Player:
Melee: "3" Shooting "2" Boost: "1"


you did a good job. I also agree rock, paper, scissors.

Ideas: Make it let us create our own combat bots.
Add level ups.
Enable a Shop to upgrade our customized Bot further.
Let us Upgrade our Stats by leveling up which we can spend how we wish to.
Give us Skill Points for a Skill-Tree that WE can Customize as well.
Give us total Customization Control over our custom guys(Just it costs a lot to get a huge customization. Get creative, make over 25 different "Types" of abilities from Healing down to Super Powered Damage to Shields, to Unharmable for so long etc).

Things like this please. Also, make defense reduce damage taken, not increase chances to reduce damage dude. Defense means stronger defenses. Not better chances. Chances would be Luck skills.

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................................................rock paper scissors

its a good game but i thought it would be like you can actualy controll ur bot -_-

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i love game

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2.93 / 5.00

Jun 12, 2015
10:00 AM EDT
Action - Fighting - VS