Dogs of Life

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Dogs of Life explores the line between passivity and consideration. It explores human nature using surreal and subliminal messages. It tells the tale of a retired bounty hunter who goes above and beyond the appropriate call of duty to help his neighbor, who is like a stranger to him.

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Very interesting piece of work.

Considered stopping midway (wasn't particularly engaging for me) but decided to stick it through to the end to try and piece together what it was all about.

Some of the art and visual concepts were quite fascinating to interpret, but overall I felt that the style could have been a bit cleaner among other things, and often presented barriers to my understanding the work and being engaged with the story.

Points of redemption earned for use of action and change of pace towards the end, along with a poignant ending to the story. Keep trying!

Im sick of seeing this kind of pretentious nonsensical garbage everywhere. It's like all you have to do is crank out some "artwork" that looks like you held the tablet pen between your swollen asscheeks, toss in some 10th grade philosophy buzzwords, and BAM! You got the latest self-congratulatory shit. You get to pat yourself on the back for being artsy with the minimal amount of effort, and anybody who sees through your cascading veil of crap "just doesn't get it".
I'd almost feel sorry for you if I hadn't seen this exact kind of hack pseudosurrealist animation hundreds of times before.

A great presentation of a short narrative.
The voices and sample/text voices were well vocalised.
The various lines/poetry that was applied to buildings were a great subtle touch.
Although the line work/animation was purposefully choppy and thus hard to critque due to the fact that is the "style" of the animation. The presentation could have been refined in terms of transitions between some scenes to help the audience follow the narrative better.

An example being 7:07 to 7:08, from dogman in the sub to fish in the sky. It perhaps could have actually transitioned between these scenes via a camera shift that pans with dogmans gaze to the fish. Once again all these crazy cuts could be exactly what you were looking for (or didn't care) and this might be boiling down to "personal taste" or something.

Anyway great experimental animation and narrative that has different "flavour" than the usual.

Excellent. I ain't one to frown on stupid shit, but I definitely appreciate the cerebral nature of this animation. It conveys everything appropriately, and proves that you don't need top-grade animation and smooth execution in order to achieve this. Everything you need to know is present in this animation, whether it's obvious or subtle. And it's a nice, little redemption tale.

I made it to around 6 minutes. I consider that a feat of strength.

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3.49 / 5.00

Jun 8, 2015
2:09 PM EDT