Matrix Elimination

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Welcome to Matrix Elimination. The point of this game is to eliminate prominent tiles that appear in the cells of the matrix.
Once they've been eliminated, a greater number of tiles will be displayed, and the process continues until the player is left without any lives.


Sometimes it's nearly impossible to move into the correct position in time for the ones near the edge of the screen if that's where the color happens to pop up, and, on top of that, also press the correct timing.......... just the difficulty needs to be fixed in a way, little tweak and the game could be really really great in fact. Interesting take on the Dance Dance Revolution style of rhythm skill game, keep it up.

It's a good game, a neat idea, and relatively well executed.
However, it constantly reminded me of guitar hero, and other rhythm based game. Although this lacked the rhythmic musical aspect.
Although you've got some new stuff going, it doesn't excite or interest me.
Some more solid criticism, is that gameplay is slow, as is menu navigation. The choice of font is poor, and you would benefit from something considerably chunkier, which would be easier to read and more gamey.
The addition of a speedier "Hardcore Mode" would be much appreciated, with faster play, and only one life.
Along with that, integrating newgrounds highscores, would be nice. So I'd then be able to brag about my score of 10100, and feel superior to people.

I'd give this game a solid 2.25 stars.

This game is absurdly simple. The blocks move at such a slow pace and have such a large range of mobility that it is almost impossible to miss the center blocks. There doesn't seem to be any obstacle, other than an increase in center blocks after each level which serves only to try your patience further. Points for the attractive graphics in the menu screen.

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2.69 / 5.00

Jun 5, 2015
3:56 PM EDT
Skill - Other