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Rift by Tripbase (Music Video)

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Wow nice

Not sure what that black gooy stuff was but it's what got this all started and that intro is very smooth and we'll done I love how the intro played into everything here also the music was perfect it played so well with each new scene and frame so that was all a plus and I liked it all and how it came together only thing this was missing was some more effects maybe even in the distance anyways nice work here

Adding more effects with backrounds and distance would be a plus


I liked the beginning, and how the woman was created from the black goo. It would have been nice if there was a transition from that to the front view of her, and if the animals had a meaning. It was nice though, and the silhouette animation caught my attention. Keep it up.

Such a beautiful work. I repeated it over and over because I love everything in this animation. The style, the music...Is it you who made the music? That tripbase soundcloud? I'm listening to it right now.

acidduck responds:

thank you very much! no the music is not ours, its a good friend tho! yes it is tripbase! i hope you enjoy more of his music!!

Beautiful FBF animation, especially that intro! Wonder what the wolf/fox means... symbolism for something? An inner beast? That she's foxy? Or maybe just a figment of her mind? Not so sure I like the shadow when you zoom out at the end, feels like it distorts the picture a bit, but overall: very nice. Music too, fits in perfectly.


acidduck responds:

thank you!!! unfortunately the animals don't mean anything(it would be cooler if they did!)! the animation is a visual interpretation of the music, i suppose that is why as u say it fits!

wow, nice music, and a nice video with visuals that match the general groove.
cool work.