Cereal Surprise

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Little Mindy learns that impatience gains you nothing but pain.

Hi! I made this 25 second short like two years ago, for a project I have with a friend. Music is my Kevin Mcleod (incompetech.com) and all visuals by me. Made using ToonBoom Animate.
Was wondering if I should upload it or not, but then my "what the heck" bug bit me and I decided to do it. Hope you like it!

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Lol funny

Well this was pretty funny only problem was that this was too short you could have done so much more with it being longer and some more content but for what it is it was entertaining and had some nice joke concept here and was pretty funny. Nice work here and hope you make more stuff like this but again as for improving on this piece I could see you adding and extending it with more content

More content


And then... the next person walks up to that cereal bowl. :) Nice short!


Maybe are cherry┬┤Oz or ChocoChips,well i think this need more longest,and take element┬┤s of newground,you draw stayl is amazing.

I liked it.

Jectoons responds:

Glad you did!

This scares me somehow. Cute but... the animation is good!

Jectoons responds:

Haha, don't be scared, as long as you don't shake your cereal box, it wont shake you.

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3.88 / 5.00

Jun 1, 2015
8:49 AM EDT