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TD-Jet Generation

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Ever tried to pick up a new skill, hobby, or routine? That shit is hard, daunting, and generally somewhat unpleasant at first. Tough it out, big guy, you just might end up being pleased with yourself.

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The Ben-Day (classic comic dot) art was a nice twist. I think I'm the only one in my circle that doesn't know how to play a single instrument... unless you count the recorder that still gathers dust in my desk drawer. I did buy one of those Legend of Zelda ocarinas from a copy of Nintendo Power-- and I did learn Sarah's Song from it, but that doesn't count. Anyway, still catching up on all the flash! Double XP time!

Cool stuff

And here was some cool stuff and film you have here the way you did it was awesome I like the guitar most of all but also thaught this was kind of on the short side. Now don't get me wrong it was pretty good stuff and flowed well with a fluid style so very nice work here just could be a tad longer and more quality to it but anyways that all I have for now so untill next time keep it real.

Expand on the content and make this longer


I Love This. The Zero Narrative Telling Story Through Nothing But The Artwork And The Guitar Playing, Love It. Like The Little "Sister Looks Annoyingly At The Sound Waves At The Wall At Night" Scene And The Very Next Image Is Him Still Playing But With Headphones On. Just That Those Two Images Right There Tell That She Came Over Complained About The Music That Night And He Plugged In Headphones So Not To Disturb Her. We Don't See That. We See None Of That. But We Don't Feel Left Out. We Can Tell Exactly What Happened. Just, Umph, That's The Good Animation Stuff.

Before one can show of even to them self one must practice even longer
This was good

Wow, this is kinda parallel to how I started XD