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Inspired by the original concept they were gonna go with for Jurassic World. I gotta say I wasn't a fan of that idea, and I'm very glad they didn't go with it.

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And this was good

Would have been interesting if they did go with such an idea as for your animation idea here you executed it well and was kind of nifty on this one so nice job indeed I like your work here and hope you make even more fun animations like this

Make more


Good idea... Very creative and good animation. Never seen anything like it.

This is original! Like aw man, where do you get the ideas from?

Ztoons responds:

Thanks! XD
I took a spin on the one concept they had for the movie (human/dino hybrids), and the dialogue was just me improving with the little amount of time I had to record.

Human dinosaur? Original concept?! Would've been pretty weird indeed... as this easily demonstrates. Fun stuff.


Ztoons responds:

Yeah it was a pretty odd idea to try and attempt. I'll take the hybrid dinosaur over that any day. lol

This is so much better than what I'm expecting from the movie. I'm just going to watch this again a few more times instead of the film.