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Little Big Apocalypse 4: Roadkill

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The 4th episode of Little Big Apocalypse! Watch in 1080p.

I'm still getting used to working in 3d. A quarter of the time was actually spent rendering! Watch all the way to the end, it includes a preview for the next episode.

For updates and more info checkout: http://youtube.com/snowspot

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This is notbad of a film you actually presented some nice animation with this one and it was a bit slow at times I could really see you advancing on the animation more in making it flow better and much more smoother ofcourse but I like the idea here and in a way it was sort of funny so nice work here. It's really nice to see work like this get a front page award so props to you on that very nice

Slightly better flow of the animation


JMartin97 responds:

Thanks for the tips, happy you enjoyed watching it. I had a lot of fun making this episode and animating it :)

liking the cell shad"ish" graphics and transfers between scenes =) story creeped me out a bit... LOVE IT!

JMartin97 responds:

Thanks :) Another episode should be coming soon!

Now I have to watch all the other episodes!

JMartin97 responds:

I hope you do! Episode 1 and 2 are both in 2d, and episode 3 is both 2d and 3d. This was my first fully 3d episode :)

Music really building up the suspense at the end there! Feels like the 3D animation overall's a bit stiff, it works nicely for the blocky aspects of animation, like the tram rolling on through the ungrounded world, pompous pieces of architecture rising out of the murky depths... but feels a little unpolished in others. Voice acting's great, and the somewhat mysterious story has me looking forward to the next part!


JMartin97 responds:

thanks for the great review :)

Has a very interesting storyline. Makes you really suspect all the worms are crawling around in your noggin. Plotting against ya.

So many nutjobs, so few options. And one too many tequila's to count to 4.

It's simple, yet hints at great complexity. It makes me wonder what's in Jon Martin's mind.

I suspect a strange sort of genius in him. x)

(Sorry, I promised a very juicy review. I'll try harder for the next run. x))

JMartin97 responds:

This review was very juicy, lol, I appreciate it :P