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Arrows or wasd to move

Double jump with up or space

M to mute all sounds and music

L or ESC to level select

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Cool game! but the ship's speed in the last 2 levels is a bit slow, i'm giving 6 cuz idk if it's proposital or not.

Cool game! :)

A little bit more than the average platformer, but the boss fights were too easy.

+All the platformer levels were great. Incredibly difficult, but in the best way - it came not from a lack of controls but from very solid level design
+Smooth controls
+Good music
+Mute button

-No separate mute for music and sound effects
-The non-platformer levels were honestly jarring and kind of annoying. The boss fights were tedious and interrupted my experience, and the final two levels with the rocketship were just weird.
-What's up with the save/load feature? There's no reason not to use an autosave here.
-No pause button.
-The ending was kind of unsatisfying? I don't need a storyline or big finale or anything, but a "congratulations" screen at the least would have been nice.

All in all, a solid game. You do excellent platformers, but throwing in the other elements really bogged the game down. All in all, though, I liked it.

this is a classic retro game platformer style generally an epic game like alot of platformers