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Revy Vs Spike

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This was a short animation test where I tried rendering at 60fps. I dunno if I like it or not. However it did give me some ideas and let me practice some stuff. I'm almost done with the first episode of Gunmetal Black but I have to work on some stuff for some scenes.

Special Thanks to

Marissa Lenti


Gianni Matragrano

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Kinda short

This here was a short animation but you gave it some appeal and you really had some nice effects in this whole piece I was pretty happy how you presented it the animation itself was very good just too short so as more content

Ad more content more scenes more flow of action


Spike's miss almost dead on, Revy's pretty good too, overall, I was pleased with the video.

How do they miss?

I thought it was pretty good I think it might be intesting to see if it was Mager Motoko Kusangi VS Spike

that revy dont even look like two hands and you should know that she normaly is dressed close to tomp raider

Kel-chan responds:

yah I decided to go with how she looked in season 2