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A Day Out with Dante Basco

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An amusing anecdote extracted from the Doug and Rob Walker's commentary on "Top 11 Avatar Episodes" with some visuals added by yours truly. Be sure to check out the original video for more of their ramblings.


YouTube version - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4e6xKZcOZOI&list=PLUCQ5hocNhsON2-MIqqkn6egoAFBHudUs

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I like this


I have to admit, the visuals are....rough, BUT I actually found this charming. An outing with a celeb, who, instead of being the "typical" douchebag/bitch-diva, actually enjoyed his visit (even if he seemed like he came from another world. Not saying he's "ditzy". Just that LA in contrast seemed, TOO perfect for him....)

Anyway, the conversational vibe I got from the narration really got me into the story.

Nice day-in-the-life flash!