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A simple puzzle game based on chess rules. You have to checkmate the opposing king using only the pieces provided and a simple twist: some tiles may be missing and you may have uncommon number of pieces available.

This game is a work-in-progress. Any and all feedback is welcome, specially regarding bugs and level difficulty.

[05/18/2015] Pawn movement is now correctly considered when checking for blocks.

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I like it. Some thoughts as per request:
- Give us some scores, achievements, medals. E.g. give scores based on time needed to solve and give a bonus when not all pieces were needed to solve a puzzle (I am halfway through the game and I could solve at least 2-3 puzzles with less than the given pieces).
- If you add music, which I don't think is neccessary as I can always have music of my choosing playing in another tab, please add a mute button or better yet, start the game muted.
- In LVL 30 I experienced a bug: the Bishop was only counted on a specific field of its path although the other positions were also checkmate.
- Check the completed levels in the in the menu, so that it is immediately obvious which levels have already been completed and which ones are still open.
- You might want to have the higher levels blocked until you have cleared a number of the lesser ones, eg. player must clear 8 out of 10 in stage 1 before he can advance to the next set of ten levels in stage 2; you can also make stages for certain pieces, e.g. stage 1 is mainly rook, stage 2 is mainly queen, etc.
- For future development you could add more game modes, e.g.: a) white is at a disadvantage and has to force a stalemate b) white has a variety of pieces and has to try to checkmate with the least amount of material c) survival mode, where you begin with a full set of pieces and you lose the pieces you used in the previous LVL; every 5 LVL you can get one piece back if you solve a bonus puzzle

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4.47 / 5.00

May 14, 2015
5:25 PM EDT