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Satan's Little Stabber

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Author Comments


I didnt program this, but I did everything else. The end result in a collaboration that didn't end in the cash we hoped to make. but maybe it can still get a few plays

Name input and score input dont work, but the game CAN BE BEATEN! GOOD LUCK!!!

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I like it.... mostly.

To begin with, it's a very easy and quick learn. The controls are smooth and predictable which leaves continuous success or failure generally up to the player.

The dialogue was humorous, especially when the narrator starts taunting you during play. Although, I wasn't sure if the use of "gay" meant obnoxious douche, or homo. The word is ambiguous these days.

I noticed how "Normal" mode gives you a 0.5 multiplier, halving whatever score you get in the end. I personally find this to be a punishment for just wanting to play the game, since "normal" means that this is the original intended product. If you really just need to punish people, punish them for playing on easy, then make easy so stupidly easy that it's boring, like just having way too many demons falling so that it's impossible to ever die unless you get hit by the falling spike, which you can't see because the Icon that shows you where it's coming from isn't there on easy only. And, when you do die, your multiplier is more like 0.0001. It would be so ridiculous that it would be comical. Again, halving someone's score just for playing the regular version of your game is really just obnoxious and makes you look like one of the asshole game designers who shits on people that just want a casual game. If your intention was to have "Hard" be the basic difficulty as if to imply that your game is in itself challenging, then you still should have called the lowest setting "Easy". Or, if you really want to shit on people for playing on low settings, name it something along the lines of "Pussy."

The game is awesome,but MAN,WHEN WILL YOU MAKE STABIKA 4?I can't stand for that cool game

TheMillz responds:

Hey I know it's been like 9 years and you might not even see this, but I released Stabika 4 here, hope it was worth the wait:


great game. i wonder, where does the devil place all the idiots?

TheMillz responds:

Arizona probs

Interesting game ill give you that much, but you must have been crazy if you thought anybody would actually pay for this lol.

TheMillz responds:

We were offered 500 bucks but we didn't close the deal. I should explain this game has been done for like 5 years, its just been sitting for a while

actually is morbid awsome game :D nice job! :D

TheMillz responds:

Glad you liked it. I had plans of extending it where you climbed up business men who were jumping out of office buildings during the wall street stock market crash on Earth, which lead into stabbing angels through heaven on top of that until you finally stab the face of God....but we ran out of time

Credits & Info

3.31 / 5.00

May 13, 2015
7:43 PM EDT