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SqS6 Ep # 2: Talk Prompts

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EDIT: Daily 4th!?!? That's the first time one of my movies got a daily award in a long time! Thanks to everyone who voted the past two days!

Full Title: "Accountable Talk Prompts"

The Squishables discuss the accountable talk prompts.

And before anyone gets confused:

-Mr. Hownor = Stoico
-Mrs. Tilvia = Tillotson

So therefore, Stoico's full name is Stoico Hownor while Tillotson's is Tillotson Tilvia.

Even though people seemed to like the previous episode, I felt like one major flaw in PupilPath was little to no body movement. That was a flaw because last episode, all I did to fake frame-by-frame animation was to use the envelope and distort tool. But in this episode, I actually attempted to do some real frame-by-frame animation with Stoico at least. Also, the FBF animation is much smoother in this episode than in PupilPath (specifically the arm movements), so who knows, maybe this one is even better (at least in terms of animation)!

Also, I originally planned to make this episode a lot shorter, but I didn't know that it'd be this long, as it's only around 17 seconds shorter than PupilPath (the non-NG version of it).

In conclusion, I hope you enjoy this, and God Bless you!

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what the fuck kind of Common Core bullshit is this???

lol, some teachers just aren't fair! Twas an entertaining episode (lmao at that cricket part), though in the end it almost felt like a piece of education in itself, not a parody of the learning system as much as an actual system of learning explained with certain parody. Is this talk prompt thing a real thing or all made up for this episode? Was expecting more play with the different questions, abusing those to answer questions without answering anything, or... something like that. Well, good stuff! Thanks for the entertainment.


TheRealNat23 responds:

The talk prompts are a real thing. And you're welcome for the entertainment.

There's a noticeable improvement in the animation; there's quite a bit of frame-by-frame animation in here and there isn't a single moment where the characters seemed stiff, which is definitely a good thing. There were also some interesting things you decided to show for the visuals, like at 2:05, and that definitely made things look nicer and flow better. So there was an improvement in the animation from PupilPath.

With regards to the writing, PupilPath is a bit more well-rounded and solid, if only for the several genuinely funny and interesting moments in there. This episode has a few funny parts too, but the writing otherwise seems to be redundant and a standstill.

However, I wouldn't worry about the humor since I recognize humor's not the only important part of the writing. The things these episodes about are pretty mundane, and I realize this IS a series about school, so I'd be okay with the mundane and everyday subject matter if the dialogue was better.

The dialogue from the students seemed ok. However, the teacher's dialogue definitely needs some work. All he really seems to do is spit out lame stock phrases, all he really does is call people names and say "Really? Are you serious?" throughout the episode and I get he's supposed to be a mean character, his dialogue is just very redundant, and it needs a certain wit to it, I also noticed that there seem to be a lot of asides and pointless side-conversations in these episodes that could be trimmed since they don't really do anything. In the beginning, they DID help develop the character but they just seem kind of redundant now and they get in the way of the plotline.

So in conclusion, the animation is definitely improving, though I'd like to see more inventive dialogue if you know what I mean, I could elaborate if you need. Keep up the good work!

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3.96 / 5.00

May 11, 2015
9:47 PM EDT
  • Daily 4th Place May 13, 2015