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No More Instructions

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Author Comments

As a programmer, I hate having to create pauses to explain instructions in my games.

As a player, I get annoyed by extensive instructions.

Thus, this game was born (actually many years ago, my skill just wasn't high enough to code it). Destroy all the instructions and whatever else comes up... even the title itself.

Discover everything, including the controls, for yourself.

Yeah, seriously, there's no instructions ;).

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need instructions bro :)

StencylTuo responds:

Instructions: Learn to play for yourself.

Does that work? :P

I like all dem power ups. At first I didn't even notice how to get points from the fallen chucks of the instructions. But now I do, and I got two oh dem balls, and some lasers.

StencylTuo responds:

When things aren't spoon-fed to you, part of the fun is learning how things work. Of course, I leave little clues all over, such as if you read the words that are colored... not all of them are good to collect of course ;).

I like the idea but of course i have some critics:
- the next level shouldn't start with the ball still in midair. sometimes complete words were destroyed before the ball hits the paddle the first time in the new level and it was hard to read the new text.
- only one live and the level doesn't save ? i hate it if i have to start over again and again.
- the idea with the colored scrap falling down is nice. to fit this with the point above you could ask the player if he wants to retry the level or start from beginning.

StencylTuo responds:

To your critiques:
1. With the timer always counting down, it destroys the pace of the game to have the ball reset; if you become good enough to go for a high score run, then speed is the key.
2. Again, the focus of the game is the high score (I do hope to implement leaderboards at some point), so it's just one life.
3. If you could just retry the level, then the timer counting down would be meaningless. This is indeed designed to be a difficult "breakout" style game.

A quirky and whimsical take on the classic bouncer game. The color collection dynamic adds a new little bit of fun that's really unique. I don't personally enjoy the fact that you have to start over from the beginning of the game after making any mistake, since this means any bit of lag can cause a restart, but it does add to the difficulty.

StencylTuo responds:

Thanks for the comment. Once you start to become good at the game, the entire dynamic shifts. Instead of just survival, it's speed. There are 27 levels in total, and that timer is always counting down. That's the reason for the automatic restart: whoever can make it to the end is worthy of the massive score boost that comes from it.

I liked it! I remember a game like this in "Nancy Drew" Named "Barnacle Blast" and man did I love it! I love this just as much!!! ʕʘ‿ʘʔ

StencylTuo responds:

I'm glad you like it. To be blunt, I have no idea what that other game is... I'm guessing it's cause I focused more on the Hardy Boys growing up instead ;).

Credits & Info

4.22 / 5.00

May 10, 2015
11:57 PM EDT
  • Stencyl