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Purple Machine

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Press Z to start

Move: Left and right arrows
Jump: Z
Go through door: down
(oh and you can jump on projectiles)

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stucks at purple screen sometimes

pretty cool, some interesting stuff

I-I'm confused, I'm confused on SO many levels. This game had solid gameplay, I'll give it that, but it's ideas were so disjointed at times I found myself going, "That isn't the way things were a second ago!" When you've caused your player to think that, you've done something wrong, something VERY wrong. The story was, odd, and I didn't understand it, and so I'm just sitting here going, "Huh?" Also, SEIZURE WARNING would have been nice, this thing is flashing so many colors I'm amazed I didn't keel over half way through. And frankly, because I was only interested in the story and didn't want to deal with this games bullshit, I wound up just skipping levels all together, as the door you go in to finish the level doesn't matter. All in all, it was an alright game, that deserved better.

well this game dont suck but its tooo easy like there are 2 doors u can choose any door and the level goes on and on and some levels get repeated well its like i saw her standing type of narrating game but when u finish the words come ( which makes no sense) and u need to make it a better game by giving it a double jump and taking one door when u reaach the next level and show the level number since we may think this game is endless and give u 1 star and level there should be like a level select button and the machine or who ever iam controlling should have a gun and plz add some enemies on creating the next version of this game thats all i have and let me guess u must have taken it a day to finish this game well for that i give u 2 stars thats all to say and i spoke the truth and i didnt act like a jerk ,didnt put stupid jokes and especially i didnt make smug jokes chhers if u want to say something bad to me feel free to say or js cancel this review if u hate it