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The Clockwork King

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Easy Does It 10 Points

Go from the first checkpoint to rescuing Lynne in the easy difficulty

Happy Medium 25 Points

Go from the first checkpoint to rescuing Lynne in the medium difficulty

The End? 25 Points

Reach the end of the game... Or is it?

100% Monitored 50 Points

Activate all the 20 monitors in the game

Not Hard Enough 50 Points

Go from the first checkpoint to rescuing Lynne in the hard difficulty

Clockwork Heart Breaker 100 Points

Break Lynne's heart

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Author Comments

A steampunk platformer where you must rescue your kidnapped wife from the nefarious Clockwork King! But there is more to this story than meets the eye...


Arrow keys or A, W and D for moving and jumping.
Down key or S to activate computers or skip text

EDIT- Version 1.1 is up, the problem with the medals was fixed. If you want to get your medals without having to reset the game PM me and I will tell you how.

This will ONLY unlock the 3 medals that were bugged in the last version though, and will only work if you've finished the game.
Discussed with more detail in this forum post:

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No... I'm sorry but no... you can't have falling damage IN A PLATFORMER. Bubsy did it, and that game's...well you know. I get what you were going for, more realism. But if you don't want the player to go a certain way or drop down a certain amount, build your levels better. I know that's an easy excuse, but it's what I believe. If the formula doesn't work, change the formula.

pretty difficult to get medals but the game does have a good idea and cool death spots to return you to start

I'm giving it five stars.

It's been a while since a game surprised me. Twice.
One part was overtly used in many "stunning Endings." But this one , even the endings ending got me thinking. When I thought it was over, it just started.

For a game and taking into account people's attention span, the story was well done.
I liked the light/ darkness transition music and I was compelled to take "leaps of faith" when I normally wouldn't have.

I had to sit back a bit when I looked around when I finally rescued her and found...

All in all, thank you for the game. I really enjoyed this.

Fantastic work.

The setup was melodramatic to the last degree, and yes, I can see that some people might have predicted the twists. But I was not one of those people, and the revelation of Nemo's role turned the melodrama into tragedy -- props to you for that. (Even the variety of respawn messages got an extra meaning.)

The game's mechanics were simple, so there wasn't much challenge there. I died to falling more often than to blades. (And I only died to a mobile sphere once -- your tutorial there was a bit over-wordy.) Still, I thought the tick-tock motion of everything was a nice theme.

What I really liked was that the understated exploration involved. On my first life, when I dipped into the No Way Up pit, the snuffed-out color and music unsettled me enough to retreat. Not until my second life did I explore there -- and good thing I didn't wait until later, or else I might have actually been able to escape. But even better was when I leapt up very high and found the... storage room. (You know the one.) That horrified me, partly for its subject matter but mainly because was so sudden. That's where your nonverbal exploration setup really scores. The stage was arranged to tease things like the sky but hide certain paths -- well done.

The parting message was perhaps heavy-handed, but then again, it's a heavy topic. The emotions rang true and struck deep for an introverted guy like me.

Thank you for producing this game.

Nice little game with nice (but little predictable) story. Only things i disliked are predictability of story and lack of extra controls: no stat counters, too easily skippable dialogs (need to make them harder to skip via missclick and make 'skip' button instead), no game restart button (i still want to listen the very first dialog i accidently skipped and i want to find all 20 terminals, but i cant since i completed the game :()
Everyone else, try playing hard mode only - it is not so hard really