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Plungerdog - Episode 4: L

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Gord and Plungerdog are lifeguards. Nothing out of the ordinary, here!

This was supposed to be submitted here on 4/20. Eh, whatever.
I hope you enjoy, episode 5 will be out soon!
My Website: http://cartooncyb.org
Twitter: http://twitter.com/jarrettriley
Tumblr: http://potsmoklr.tumblr.com
Music by me and my bro. Download it here: https://soundcloud.com/itsehffinjae/


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love this and the reversed guitar

Interesting yet proportionate animation style. I enjoyed watching the life guard trip balls then make a gravity bong in the pool and trash can! Very funny and totally awesome that trash can gravity pool bong thing looks like a LOT of fun dude. I can't wait to see more I'm definitely putting this video in my favorite picks this month.

Jae responds:

Thanks a lot! I hope you enjoy my future toons as well! More Plungerdog soon(ish)!

I love this series! Plungerdog looks like my dog, minus the plunger..

Jae responds:

Thanks a lot man! I have 2 shih tzus!

Man, I completely forgot about the greatness that is this series. Great animation and story, I love how your stretchy art style complements the narrative. I'm glad to see that you're still making new installments to this!

My only criticism regarding this would be that the tweened movie clip animation from 1:36-1:40. It's not that I'd consider there to be anything awry about use of tweens, I'd opine that they're overly stigmatized and a good way to go about things economically (especially for independent animators), though, I really feel that particular instance took away from the energy of that particular scene in the cartoon. I'm not suggesting that you should completely circumvent tweens for the sake of your work, but rather that I think there are scenes where they're appropriate for conveying something and scenes where they're out of place (I'd consider your use of more flagrant tweens at 2:02 to have been just fine due to it not being part of any climax, for instance). It's a subjective nitpick, so, I'm not going to rate this lower because of it, though, I just thought I should mention it as something to consider.

Great toon!

Jae responds:

Thanks for the in depth and helpful critique! I appreciate the review!!

I missed this stuff! It's so satisfying to watch all this. The animation is so.. How could I word it right? Relaxing and fun? Yeah, That comes the closest I think. :3

Jae responds:

Thanks dude! The next episode should be out soon!

Credits & Info

3.94 / 5.00

May 7, 2015
3:01 PM EDT