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Mayhem is the winner of GameZanga 2014 - an Arabian game jam.
Mayhem is inspired by whatever the hell is currently happening in the middle east right now !

Please put in mind that mayhem is more of a message than a game, it was a part of a 72 hrs game jam.
please enjoy :)

follow me on twitter : @mohfunk

check our website : funktion.ga

SPACE : Interact

Arrow keys : Movement

Enter : Entering Doors

(All Assests - Art - Music - Sounds - Codes were made by the team entirely from scratch, Except for Machine Gun sound effect, the posters on the train station, the coca cola and the fonts, they're from :





http://www.dafont.com )



غرد لنا : @mohfunk :D

تم تطوير هذه اللعبة من أجل مسابقة زنقا الالعاب في ثلاث أيام , و الفكرة الرئيسية التي بنيت اللعبة عليها هي


أعضاء الفريق :

الربمجة و التصميم : محمد فهد - عبدالملك زبيله

الرسوم و التحركات : فيصل الشريف - نضال غنيم

الوسيقى و الصوتيات : عبدالعزيز عبده

اللعبة :

استيقظ ! حقوقك تسلب

استجمع السكان , و استرجع حقوقك

زر سبيس : تفاعل

الأسهم : الحركة

زر انتر : دخول الابواب

(جميع الممتلكات - الرسوم - الموسيقى - الصوتيات - الكود تم صناعتها من قبل الفريق .

ما عدا صوت الرشاش و البوسترات اللي في محطه القيطار و الخطوط , مصادرها :





http://www.dafont.com )

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1. Visuals and audio match seamlessly with game's theme, even if they strongly remind me of Cart Life. Of course, I'm not accusing anyone of plagiarism, there's nothing shameful in drawing inspiration from that great game. Well, I do have one complaint, but since it's a spoiler, I'll write it below.

2. There's a serious problem with finishing the game. Like both commenters below, I only managed to find 18 wannabe freedom fighters, and when my attempts to recruit the police failed, I had to run in front of the in-active buildings, randomly pressing Space, to somehow make the counter show 20 and see the ending.

3. Speaking of the counter, my fellow commenters were right. You must change the font to clearly indicate 20, since in current state it's very easy to confuse it with 28 (and this can bring less patient players to despair).

4. Thank you for that twist in the game's ending. I was afraid that it will be a simplistic and naive message, like REBELLION and MUH FREEDOM, but the surprise was a pleasant one. Still, I think it needs to be more complex. Suggestion: who don't you add a character representing a shadowy foreign power which tries to overtake the protest for their own profit (yes, I'm looking at you, White House)? I don't have an idea how to implement it into game mechanic, though, but I'm sure you can figure it out on your own.

5. SPOILER ALERT! My single complaint about graphic is about the final scene. The blood stains on the bodies simply do not fit your drawing style. I think that pixels should be much larger, and you apparently forgot to draw some red pools on ground below each body.

Final words: as always when I'm writing a comment on the Newgrounds, I will kindly ask for more, an extended and improved edition of your game. Anyway, you got my attention, now I'm going to follow your profile and check your other submission.

mfaa990 responds:

I apologize for replying late, but thank you very much for every word.. i really appreciate your review.
yes i admit the game has many issues, but please put in mind that we created it in less than 3 days.
we literally made the ending in 2 hours, so we didn't have time AT ALL to draw nice bodies to fit with the game's art, so .. i really apologize for that, i know it's kinda ugly.
Anyways, i really appreciate your comment about the twist in the ending ( it kinda make me feel better about myself since it was my idea :p) i will hopefully have time to make more games soon !

Congratulations, maybe we cannot call this a game, but its a great interaction story!

It is only 18/20 (check the font).
Try different locations.
The protagonist can go past the police.

I enjoyed the artwork and the music throughout. The story was great, however I couldn't figure out how to get 10 more. I ended up with 18 out of 28.