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Eco the Bag

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So, the idea is something of an Ecco the Dolphin-type game, but instead of a dolphin, you're a plastic bag. Possibly you speak to other non-recyclables while on a journey to rejoin your species on the great plastic bag island of legend.

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Dark and clever. Subversive and deceptively friendly.
I loved killing (bagging) the fish to get combos and talking to the pieces of trash.
Game play is simple and satisfying. Philosophical implications troubling.

PREPANGEA responds:

Collusion alert: Playtrix is my gf! Thanks for reviewing and playtesting Bag. And thanks for lending your Chinese Bluetooth bunny doll speaker for the voiceovers. Love u :)

Interesting game, Ecco the dolphin series were not bad as games, this one does a good job at it, I liked it.

PREPANGEA responds:

Thank you for playing! I wanted the game to feel like Ecco without having to recreate too many elements. I was a Sega kid and played my fair share of the Ecco games. I wouldn't say they were fun, but at least they were original!