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Author Comments

This is my first game.
It's a space shooter with a permanent upgrades shop.
Made for stencyljam 2015.

I've increased the speed of the player and tweaked the money dropped by the enemies so the start of the game shouldn't be such a slog. Tell me what you think.
--Edit 2--
New version uploaded.
Fix for bug where playing previous levels would reset levels opened to the level after the one you played.
--Edit 3--
New version is up.
Now you don’t have to keep mouse button pressed at all times.
Press A to turn autofire on or off.
The game will remember this setting.

This game contains flashing images.
If you have a problem with that, please
proceed with caution.

Mouse to move.
Click to shoot, hold to autofire.
A to turn autofire on or off.
P to pause.
M to mute and unmute.
Press enter while paused to exit a level.

If you're having problems with a level, grind a bit and do some upgrades.
Maxed regen will make you almost unkillable.
Collisions with enemies and lasers are your biggest killers.

--Known issues--
Some enemies movement may glitch occasionally if you take too long to kill them.
The difficulty balancing is a bit off, the game gets easier as you get upgrades.
Occasionally the sound of a laser will still be heard after that laser is gone.
Enemies that spawn other enemies will sometimes spawn an extra wave after they die.
Music will sometimes not play on the title screen, just go to another menu and return and it should work.

--Stencyljam 2015--
Check out other games in the jam here:

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The game play is smooth and functions about how I would expect it to, the spawn animations are also good not only visually but to give a fair indicator of where the enemy will spawn. However the part of the game that really stuck out to me was the music, it really rounds out the experience. Overall: very impressive for a first game I hope you make more!

lwyzlwyz responds:

Thanks for playing and for the kind words.
Right now I'm in hiatus because of IRL crap but I hope to start making stuff again soon.

I'm giving you five stars because the game kept me interested all the way to the end. For being your first game, it appears you took your time to polish it up. It is sad though because you find out at the end your were the bad guy. My only complaint would be the circular enemy (four quadrants facing north, east, west, and south) found in levels 11 and 12. Win it hits the side of my ship, I become stuck, and get slammed against either the left or right side of the screen until it appears on opposite side, then my ship returns to the mouse's position. I take it as an enemy defense using magnetism.

lwyzlwyz responds:

Thank you for your kind words.
Could be magnetic shielding on that ship type, maybe... ;)

REALLY slow game...The first level is absolute torture in truth. Even reading that it gets easier, that makes me want to play even less in truth seeing as I'm having more trouble starting than I will the rest of the game.

The upgrades are insanely high costing, the 1st level's boss is freaking incredibly hard especially if you don't have upgrades and I don't even want to play long enough to do that.

The music is so so, you're on NG man, you have access to ALL the music on the site for the game explore that option it gives you a wider pool of things to keep people around.

Stemming off the music angle, a mute button or a way to lower volume would be also appreciated as while it's nice it's also loud and kinda just eh.

As it stands now barley a 2.5 and that's being quite nice in all truth, with some fixes it could be more a real 3-3.5 maybe a 4.

lwyzlwyz responds:

You can mute the game with M.
I'll see about balancing it better. Maybe increasing the initial speed or the money from the first level enemies.
I've increased the speed of the player and tweaked the money dropped by the enemies so the start of the game shouldn't be such a slog. Tell me what you think.

i normally like these kind of games, upgrades are always good. But come on .. how many upgrades do i need to buy till being able to finish the first level ?!?!? the upgrades are too expensive and/or the first level is way too long and/or the start stats are too low (especially move speed). Upgrading is fine, but after 7 tries the first upgrades should be strong enough to finish the first level, don't you thing so ?

lwyzlwyz responds:

You're right, my balancing was way off. Sorry for that.
The first level is probably the hardest in the whole game because of this, so if you can get past it it becomes easier.
I've increased the speed of the player and tweaked the money dropped by the enemies so the start of the game shouldn't be such a slog. Tell me what you think.

Credits & Info

3.59 / 5.00

May 4, 2015
8:14 AM EDT