Moto Tomb Racer 3

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New adventures awaits. Avoid dangerous traps, reveal hidden passages, explore dark labyrinths and find buried treasures hidden by Huli in very deep tombs of mysterious lands of Papua New Guinea.

Use arrow keys to drive and balance, SPACE for brakes and Q or F to turn the bike.


The game works, its not great, but its not bad either. I kept runny into glitches when I would turn around while moving the wheels would snap into the ground and I couldn't move, happened every time. Also, no way to go back and replay levels...

great job man everything was good!!

Yesterday, I lost track of time, and I thought I wrote a review for this. But evidently, I didn't.
The game is pretty good, and little different from the standard "derpy bicycle" game. Where other are races/time/stunt parks, this is closer to a standard platformer. It's a fun difference.

My main issue with the game is how awkward replaying levels seems to be. I'm on level four, but I can't seem to replay any of the previous levels. Similarly, if I complete level four and press replay accidentally, the game acts as if I never completed it, and does not let me progress to level five.
Obviously the example I'm giving is based on my current situation, but it seems to hold true on other levels too.
The parallax effect on level 5 (where the background moves, when I move) is rather extreme and a bit disorientating.
The Fatality text seems a little out of place, and makes me think you've been playing mortal kombat recently.
And Finally, I'd like to know when/how new racer skins are unlocked, because so far it's a mystery, and I would like to try a new skin.

Even though it's not much special, I do like the game overall, and I may very well play more of it. (If I could, I'd give it 2.75 stars)

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great job wish it was a little closer on the view but ohterwise great

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3.15 / 5.00

Apr 29, 2015
2:47 PM EDT
Sports - Racing