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Ultimo Soccer UDC

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Author Comments

Also available on Google Play Store!

menu selection=mouse
gameplay=WASD or arrows
select player=1,2,3 or 4

Learn some serious soccer skills at the UltimoSoccer training institute!

[note] this game has manual saving system, so dont forget to save!

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To celebrate italy that won UEFA EURO 2020 Yesterday 11/07/2021
i am playing this game

UltimoGames responds:

There is one Italian player in this game, he is inspired by the great 'Roberto Baggio'.
I hope to make a big 'World Cup' edition of Ultimo Soccer one day, you know, real matches instead of dribble training!

love it. Finished it on mobile

UltimoGames responds:

Congratulations! Then you are very good at precise gameplay, many players are having a hard time controlling the ball. But when you can, UltimoSoccer UDC is fun! Thanks Cagmaster!

It's annoying when I keep pressing the down arrow and scrolls me the web page :I
Would be better if you can "go up"
I mean, its hard to control the ball, and worst if you can't "go up" or slow down :I

UltimoGames responds:

I heard this before, will do it right in my next game, thx for the comments!

I have an issue where when I hold down the down arrow it scrolls down on this webpage.

It looks like it would be fun though.

UltimoGames responds:

I heard this before, will do it right in my next game, you can also use WASD, thx for the comments!

Great idea, but not executed in the best way.

It appears that most people reviewing gave positive reviews based on the pixel art aesthetic and unique gameplay. What worries me is that this game has an average score of ~3, but not a single negative review! This means people are not pleased with a lot of things but they're not telling you what those are. I think you, as the game developer, deserves to know what people are not pleased with.
Some people have raised some issues, but no one really went into enough detail mostly because they have not played through enough. However, I finished the game before writing this review so I can give an honest opinion, and not judge it merely on initial impressions. But before we get to my criticisms, I will give you praise for the potential of this game and the originality of the gameplay.

All the issues of this game could be summed up to one thing: It is often difficult for the wrong reasons. It seems that some people didn't even get past level 4! But of course, just saying it is difficult and leaving it at that is not enough so I'll provide you with more details. I'll list, numerically, some issues I had with the game.

1. Why can't you unlock any gold medals until you unlock the 3rd character? Even after unlocking the 2nd character and running through the whole of the first level, I was still not awarded the gold medal. I was stuck on a score of 3300 and a silver medal, and this is only the first level! I was only able to get the gold medal after unlocking the 3rd character. The amount of precision required to get a gold medal is incredibly high.
2. Why aren't you allowed to slow down? I understand your comment about backtracking slowing down the pace of the game, but completely removing the option to slow down is unjustifiable. Om the description you state that "gameplay=WASD or arrows". I've tried pressing the "W" key or the up key repeatedly with no results. You can speed up but you can't slow down at all! This makes it so easy to run past the ball in error, and also increases the chances of you crashing into obstacles through no fault of your own. This is especially problematic with the moving cardboard players. If you're barrelling through the course at a constant speed and you're not able to slow down you will crash into them no matter how skilled you are. I think I only managed to get past them in the last level by bearing left and wishing on my lucky stars that they don't come back before I reach the other end. Dodging with precision is made more efficient with a slow-down button. Even racing games have brakes on the cars!
3. The difficulty curve is awfully skewed. I'm not sure if it's just me but levels 5-8 actually felt harder than levels 9-12. This is probably a result of the change in player skill level. Though I like how you modelled characters to fit the series they play in. For example, character 2's long (though imprecise) running kicks work really well in levels 5-8 but not as well in levels 13-16. Though everyone else but player 1 seems to play well in levels 1-4. Basically, starting out is really difficult then it seems to get a little easier. Personally, I kind of liked the fact that as you unlocked more you can do more, but maybe you could have made the introductory levels play more like introductory levels rather than alienate a lot of players from playing the rest of the game through its difficulty. Instead of allowing players to get a good grip of controls, they're thrown in and they are forced to grapple with great difficulty. Sink or swim.
4. Sometimes the control gets stuck. This happens most of the time while running. I would press left or right but the player would continue going straight. This is also a problem when a player is running and I want to change the direction of the ball while the player is running, since the game wouldn't recognise the controls. This is a true hindrance preventing the acquisition of gold medals.
5. Not enough reward for amount of effort required to comfortably handle the game. People play games for the effort to reward ratio. They expect to get more rewards than the efforts they put in. If we wanted to get less rewards than the amount of effort we exert we'd play real life, and at least we'd get real life rewards then. I think you could fix this by pacing the game better, allow for sufficient build-up of difficulty and increment the rewards with the same increment in difficulty. With the way it is now most of the levels are just frustrating and rather tedious. It doesn't begin to get a little fun until later, and even then the amount of fun received for the amount of frustration experienced does not balance out.
6. More levels? I could see this possibly being a phone app. Maybe extend the length of the series and add more levels for each series. I think you may even add more of the first levels to help the player get acquainted with the controls so that they don't get daunted with the difficulty.

Overall, I see a lot of potential in this game and that's where most of my points are going. 2 stars for a potentially super amazing game, and 1.5 stars for how it is now: mildly entertaining but not enough.
I think I may have repeated myself a few times, but hopefully I've gotten the point across now. What I'm trying to say is, make the game difficult for the right reasons, i.e., success in the game is mostly reliant on the skills of the player. This is all you really need to take into consideration.

UltimoGames responds:

thank you for the impressively detailed review! UltimoSoccer: UDC is developed with mobile phones in mind, all the feedback I get on this HTML5 browser version will be taken in consideration and put in the advanced mobile version. I want to make this game the best mobile soccer game ever! :)
so, thank you mr Kolter for helping me out!

Credits & Info

3.78 / 5.00

Apr 27, 2015
7:40 AM EDT