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NG Skype Conversations

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For Pico Day 2015 I finally made something.
This is just a homage to the old and new NG chat for NGers everywhere....

mah NGers

This was originally supposed to be released at midnight on 4/20
but whatever.

I will never make something this dumb again.

BTW, this is why there is no NG chat anymore

/sarcasm off

*Update I rarely do this but I updated the video to reduce some of the blur and things

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no skype

Too many times the NG chat had terrible subject matter. One of the few appeals was that you got to hang out in real time with people. Skype version is horribly programmed, and crashes when I log in because I get 40k messages at once. Nice artwork. Sometimes it's the quickly put together ones that get the most buzz around them, don't think too much on the next one, just do it!

kinda hard to hear what they are saying. put subtitles, or improve the voice acting.

A typical conversation between LSD and Ejit with my charmingly provocative input.
This really does portray how Ngers converse with each other on a real time chat room.
Nice work, beautiful you are so talented!

Well, I understood your message and I agree with it, so that's some good news. You managed to convey the feeling of actual boredom or annoyance with the subject, but I would have preferred expression inspired by said feeling of actual boredom or annoyance. Which isn't to say I found your flash boring or annoying, just barely entertaining. So I found the presentation and delivery overly unimpressive in terms of entertainment value. Except for the parts where the chibi interjects, that was leaning in the right direction. Voices of the characters in conversation should be clearly heard over the voices meant as part of the background noise, and as for which could use improvement, I'd say lower the background noise.

Kel-chan responds:

Y'know the weird thing? My crappiest animations seem to get the most views while the stuff I actually work really hard on gets atleast half the views of stuff like this that I just slapped together for pico day

Credits & Info

3.86 / 5.00

Apr 25, 2015
12:01 PM EDT