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Blackmarket is a new fresh incremental-game!
In this game, you have to manage an empire of drugs. At the beginning, you've only got a gun, and you're poor.

But with this gun, you can shoot, shoot and shoot again, to earn some $$$ bills! With theses $$$ bills, you can buy upgrades to gain more money per shoot. You can also start buying buildings which will produce a certain amount of the specified drug. You have to sell your production, so you can hire dealers!

Note : Blackmarket never sleeps! Your business is always running even if it is closed!

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Well, the game was good... for a while.
There is a horrible bug with auto-reloading.
It does NOTHING and locks the game up.
I purchased it, as I enjoy clicking shoot and the thought of auto-reloading sounded great.
Well, it DISABLED the Reload button and never reloads.
Refreshed the game, clicked it again, nothing.
It simply does not work, just makes it so I can't Reload at all.
What a waste of experience and my time.

how do you scroll down the upgrades

Was at 38mil exp when I put my computer to sleep last night. Today I have 0 exp. Didn't clear browser cache or run anything like CCleaner.


I really enjoy this game as it doesn't take up too much of my time to enjoy. I agree with CJZ16 and Beowulf1 on how awesome it would be to have animated people running around little animated fields and other buildings. However I also realize that that could have the potential to add too much to the game and make a nice simple game really complicated. I'm glad I have it to play when I have spare time.

Is a good game but, why you earn money shooting a gun???