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A crappy video

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So I was like I can total make an animation and so i wrote a script in about 12 seconds and spent a good amout of time animation it. it's was my first animation so i knew i wasn't going to be good but thought might as well share it anyways. I'm going to be giving it another go shortly and the next one might be funny or possible even good? most likely not but still i had fun making it so that's that.

PS. The audio is really really bad so yeah.

PS. I didn't know people had to go under jugment videos lol so know i wish i changed the name seeing that I can't know. Thanks for watching.

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The animation is solid the only thing that I dont like are the strange circle things, I think they represent light? I have no clue. Other than that great job.

RannitX responds:

Thank you for your input. yes the circle things were lights.

The cartoon is fine, nice style and has potential, and I will be following you because the content itself is decent enough. Your shots need more dimension, your perspective needs work and it wasn't particularly entertaining, but that will come with time.

I digress, CUT IT OUT WITH THE OBNOXIOUS PITY WHORING. You have no idea how badly I want to pretend that this cartoon is actually as bad as you say it is, just because you've slathered it with apologies and bullshit. You are not going to somehow change the quality of the cartoon by trying to package it as being shitty, or trying to protect yourself from criticism by pre-labeling it as a "A crappy video", or whatever you call yourself doing with those "Ohh, I just didn't give a shit, please, nobody criticize me for I have already punished myself severely, woe is me I'm so ashamed" Author Comments. It's just pathetic and makes you look ridiculously narcissistic, as if you think you're above being new to animation.

Your work needs work, just like everybody else, get used to it. Nobody is here to give you pity praise, we just want cartoons.

RannitX responds:

First of all thank you for leaving a review I and giving great input. As for me pity whoring its was not my intention but none the less I ended up doing it. I would like to change the title but I can't find the option to do it. Anyways I don't think you want to hear excuses. Next video will not have this bullshit, although I haven't proved it yet I hate pity and i'm glade that the people on Newgrounds are fare and nice. So bottom line is my next video will not have any of this bullshit (might be a while till i finish my next one). Thank you for giving real input on this topic and the topic of my art. I do need to do more interning shots I would add more to the scene. Again thank you for your input have a nice day.

The animation is very good. Characters looks familiar, just like Toka and Nishio from Tokyo Ghoul..
Keep up the good work!

RannitX responds:

Thank your for the complement. As for the character I looked up Toka and Nishio and I can see what you mean about them looking familiar. Wth there hair styles and colors a little bit. Although I have heard of this show I have yet to watch it would you recommend it. Anyways, thank you for leaving a review.

I don't know if it was an oversight but that impractical way the guy flipped the bucket was hilarious.

RannitX responds:

Thanks for your review. When I made that seen I starting having him flip the bucket that way and though It look funny. so I kept it's there. I'm glad to see people think it's funny too. Thanks again for leaving your review.

This is so smooth. You're an amazing artist and animator.

RannitX responds:

Thanks for the complement.

Credits & Info

3.77 / 5.00

Apr 20, 2015
7:13 PM EDT