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A game with a colossal beast. An evil god of winter has begun to freeze the world. You are given a mission from the god of summer to end the winter god's reign by defeating his beasts and eventually the winter god himself.

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Funny game but short, if it had multiple levels and a story it would've been quite addicting :3

Gotta give it a 3, I like it.

I like the game I do.. but it the art that I like the most.. it really looks great and I like the theme for the boss ha ha even if it was a short game.. Now for the cons I had with it ^-^

It was a bit clunky.. sort of like when you make a game but don't fully test everything.. not that i'm saying you guys didn't its just that there were places where the characters feet didn't match the floors.. he would fiddle up and down really fast.. get stuck sometimes.. and even go thru the scenery itself!

Besides the clunky/out of placeness feel I got from the character to setting its overall a nice game.. my tip would be to check the platforming thoroughly and to make it longer~~~` I wanna see the next boss!! Ha ha

Beautifully animated, but short and a bit janky.

Some feedback:
-The controls felt a bit unresponsive at times, sometimes causing me to over jump as the controls don't seem to be doing what I told them until too late, sometimes not doing anything at all. The walls themselves seemed to have kinks and areas that weren't visible. Admittedly I do have a long standing issue with Wall Jumping, as it's almost never responds well to my style of: press jump and other movement keys and hope.

-I didn't like the camera zoom, as it meant that if I spent a minute on a section trying to get up, only for the camera to change zoom, I would have to relearn the motion and responding to what the character is doing on screen.

-I accidentally clicked: Play instead of reading the instructions and then had no idea what to do: it would have been nice just to reiterate the controls just at the very beginning, though I'll admit that only with four controls it isn't overly necessary: I just kept on worrying that I missed out on some other control.

-Maybe a little more in the story department would have been appreciated; I know I was sent to end the God of Winter's reign, but was that God of Winter I fought? Just one of his minions? I don't know. Who am I? Why did I listen to the God of Summer? Though this piece of advice is mostly because I have a long standing love of story telling. The game doesn't really NEED that extra information.

-To end on a high note, as I said: It was an absolutely gorgeous game: who ever did the art deserves all the credit. In all honesty, it is one of the first platformers in a while that I have actually completed because I liked looking at it so dang much. And most of this game consisted of wall jumping, so how about that?

Alittle too short.

This was a very good game! I liked the music, in both the battle and the rest of the level. The art was AMAZING, it reminded me a little of Shadow of the Colossus and Final Fantasy. Also, the game ran smoothly, and the levels looked good.

Maybe it's just me, but sometimes the edges felt a bit wonky, like there was an edge where there shouldn't have been one. Also, but perhaps this is my mistake, the description says 'Winter god and his beasts'. but I only found the giant four-legged one, that spits green goop at me and tries to stand on my face. Did I do something wrong?

Sephern responds:

Hey! Thanks for playing! We had originally planned to add in more content, but this was a student project that was only given about 4 or 5 weeks. As I've said in previous comments, I wouldn't mind going back and continuing working on this if I can get our artist on board.