Vampire's Hunter ll

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After seeing my reviews, I decided to spend the last 4 days rewriting and adding twice as much, to show off this awesome animation.
This animation is only 2D, not 3D.
VH 2 is revised from the first.
DeathWizardX - You Rock!!!!


What did you say?

The graphics were very impressive but the mumbling speech at the begining was impossible to make out. The music was great and you created a very good atmosphere but bit you could improve on... change the kids hair it looked a bit wierd, and the music at the credits destroyed the atmosphere you had created.


First of all, the 3D graphics and stuff is pretty impressive. When I saw that I figured this would be a pretty good flash but then I turned up my speaker... and turned it up more.... and turned it up further than that trying to understand what the guy was mumbling. Finally I decided that it must be some fake incantation or something that's not meant to be heard clearly due to how difficult it is to understand. Half way through the flash however I realised that it WAS supposed to be heard. MAJOR problems with the audio dude... Moving along, although the animation was cool, there was very little action. This didn't feel like an actual flash movie, more like an intro to a flash movie. A drawn out (to the point of being boring) intro. When I saw the credits my mind was so insulted that I began thinking of blamming it just for revenge (which... I'm going to do after I write this). Anyway, the graphics are great but everything else... back to the drawing board my friend.

It was cool.

I liked it, Looks like you spent alot of time making it, To bad some assholes got here first and voted 0.

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3.33 / 5.00

Oct 9, 2002
1:41 PM EDT
  • Daily 2nd Place October 9, 2002