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Bathroom Genie

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This is my first time. Is it going to hurt?

YouTube - https://www.youtube.com/user/SoapIsPeople

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Great animation, but did anyone else think the genie was lord beerus off of dbz? Anyone?

This was good. The animation was a bit choppy but not too bad, and the backgrounds were great. Keep it up!

lol, didn't get that 'Fine' one until he went back to the bathroom. Genius. And the rat at the start of the animation gets a whole new meaning at the end of it! Some movements feel a bit slow, and that Beavis-type angry faic felt out of place at the parking lot, but overall this was great, professionally scripted; presented the right way. Keep it going!


This was very entertaining. and also creepy. I like the "Fine 1,000,000" part of the video. :P Nice!

Great work Dude!