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Sonic 15th 4Real - Part 2

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Here are the rest of the completed Sonic 15th 4 Skits, not in their original order, because, well screw it, I wanted them in a random order. I decided to upload all 7 together rather than split it in 2, so that I can release MK Kock-ups next, on April 14th, When MKX is released.

This series of skits though, contains all my favourite pieces to date. And even some of my biggest trials to date too (building Wall Aleena was harder than I expected).
With references to so much pop culture, I can't put them all in the tags. e.g. Five Nights at Freddy's, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, Miley Cyrus, Frozen, Scrubs, Clue (the 1985 movie), Blade Runner and probably more.

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he won't end after the eggman titans

RicStrife responds:

It never ends.

Oh man... sprite animation to various soundbytes. This is a lost art that needs to become popular again. Well done, sir.

RicStrife responds:

Thanks, this one is very much pop culture sound clips hahaha my other stuff isn't always that way, check out my Mortal Kombat Kock-ups to see something with a bit more difference.

metal sonic: I've seen things......
sonic: like eggman eat a burger
metal sonic: ): h-help me

RicStrife responds:

What's worse is, he's seen Eggman topless...time...to die.

Ugh reminds me of those dumb Phoenix Wrong movies I used to watch.

Sorry but this just isnt funny

RicStrife responds:

Awww, but I used to love Phoenix Wrong! :P
That's the problem with Skit comedy, it's not for everyone.
But if you want more serious stuff, check out some of my other stuff.

lol, those MLP ponies sure run fast. Some unexpected elements in these sketches, and so many game flaws; so many cross-overs between different franchises; so much entertainment! Nice work.


RicStrife responds:

After making over 50 skits with Sonic 15th 1-3, the well isn't as deep as it once was, so I need to do more cross-overs now to get the desired punchlines :)