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ASD- Move around.
W - Jump.
LMB(Hold) - Destroy tiles
LMB(Double click) - Place selected tiles
LMB(Single click) - Select tile
LMB(Double click) - Reduce Next Wave to 5 seconds
RMB(Double click) - Destroy placed tiles

Help me develop this game into something cool, funny, puzzle-ish, or whatever happens!

Taking most suggestions into consideration. Please let me know what this could use.

Would love to make this into a Real-time Tower Defense game with Redstone mechanics and Gold/Diamond/Iron/Wood/Stone/etc turrets.

What do you guys think?

--Version Changes--
o Game added to Newgrounds
o Base tiles and few placement tiles
V0.2.1 (current)
o Walk/Sprint feature
o Ladder
o Wood Torch Tower
o Zombie Enemies (smarter spawn)
o Zombies amount increase over time
o Fixed a bug where wave 35 was maximum level.
o Turret defense Cake Bases
o Rare Ore is harder to obtain at high levels
o Few bug fixes
o few bug fixes
o Added Skeleton mob (90% complete)
o Added Creeper mob (40% complete)
o Regenerating Trees!
o More mobs
o More placing tiles
o More Turrets
o New bullets/lasers?
o Updated GUI?
o Regenerating Terrain?

All rights towards their respective owners are reserved for them and the photos/sprites/textures are all based from Mojang/Minecraft. This is meant for purely personal entertainment and coding practice. Not directly purposed for monetary gain.

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i cant attack the enemies

It to easy. I Got 735 Diamond in 10 min.

varsic responds:

I fixed that in version 0.2! As well as some other updates! Slowly, but I will keep adding to it.

I don't really see the point of this being a defense game as of yet, once you get some ideas down, then it be nice to play, especially if it were a multiplayer title. Seeing a PvP survival multiplayer isn't very innovative, so find some feature that work, and stick with them.

Also, the movement of the character was a bit too unrealistic, (I mean seriously, Steve is like the new Usain Bolt), so maybe just turn down the speed a little bit, and maybe save the current speed for a sprint function.

Other than that, good job, and work harder, bro!

varsic responds:

Yes, this is projected for a new innovative turret defense but with the minecraft style that everyone can learn to love. Its just an easy base to start with and focus on new mechanics that I can learn with the program.

My initial ideas is to have some sort of home base in the center and zombies/skeletons/creepers will spawn at each end or one side only and charge the base thing. Once the base has no more health, you lose; otherwise, you keep playing rounds and see how long you can survive.

I like the sprint option, I will look into working on getting his speed normalized.

As the game is, its pointless and more interactive art than a game and I find it hard to see how this could become a good defense game.

It also has some bugs e.g the movement and inventory.

But i can see this being good with some work so 4*.

It has potential. I wish I could destroy the tiles I create though :(. A platform game with these mechanics might work out. Maybe you could harvest wood, for example, to be able to create a ladder, so you can reach a star. And the goal is to collect 5 stars per level. Something like that :)

varsic responds:

I like the GOAL objective you suggested. I will write this down. No promises but I will see what I can do! Thanks for the feedback.

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1.76 / 5.00

Apr 6, 2015
7:55 PM EDT
Strategy - Tower Defense