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To The Right

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The Roy Haggard Show (S06E07) Episode 59 "To The Right"

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Well this was something different and you bring on some nice unique animations some good mixture and variaty of different styles and the music was nice its always a pleasure to find random yet unique animations like this so really nice work indeed.



Bertn1991 responds:

Good to hear from you again. With these old animations of mine there was never a plan or a script. Just made it up as I went along and had fun. Thanks so much for watching~

Ah, so I take it you are in fact that previously referenced Roy Haggard? Or not... reading responses below. And there sure have been a lot of episodes of this... also feels almost like I've seen some of this in future Yonder animations... at least something starring that little obstacle-traversing green guy? Is he still a re-occurring dude? Is that you in that live action bit intro?

So many questions...also simple but still plenty entertaining stuff.


First, the animation was fairly genuine, fluid and consistent. Good work in not particularly rushing anything. Some animators frequent that rookie misstep...
Okay, the live-action beginning did feel out of place. An adequate intro would give some hints as to why 'green' is the only non-humanoid in the whole thing. Is that on purpose to, say, demonize the power company for shutting off the main? Or were you just trying to rush everything roughly equally, and didn't want to waste time on details?
There seems (also) to be a rather rampant public fascination with gratuitous violence for little or no reason. It's becoming a cliche... practically done to death. This had the twist of funny because it was all about shutting off the light(s)... but for guards and machine guns? Really? It can come across as just another half an excuse to show off guns and make explosions...
Overall, it wasn't terrible, so there's how I examined it for critique, for what it's worth. Maybe this will set your mental wheels rolling on towards better in the future. We all do seek growth around here.

I would work on eliminating the live action intro this video.

The main attraction of these animated cartoons is the very animation itself.

That intro was only a few seconds but still felt out of place.

I've often seen roy haggard movies in the commercial sections of Yonder ho.

I had no idea that roy haggard was you.

I've always assumed those were movies you used after getting roy's permission.

The little green guy in your movie looks like a spider with two legs.

That little green guy was always moving and you used plenty of backgrounds.

I'm impressed at the level of effort for this short cartoon.

It was surprisingly entertaining.

I had no idea that you created stuff outside of the Yonder ho series.

I look forward to seeing more of your work.


Bertn1991 responds:

Thanks! : D The green guy's name is Green. I think it's time I take him out of retirement : )

I've been making the show since 2011. This episode was made back in 2013. There's about 70 episodes in total, though, I rarely ever make them anymore. The Roy Haggard show is just meant to be weird. A staple of the show is that it never uses any sort of scripts or writing. I just make it up as I go along. And I'm not Roy Haggard. Can't say I know anyone by that name. There is no one in the show by that name either. My name is Brent, though, I've switched the letters of name around in my user name to spell Bertn (Burton)

Anyway, I'm getting off topic. Thanks for watching! I might upload more. Maybe other episodes will be better received.

Good animation style and great sound effects! Even though I couldn't really figure out a plot, I still think that this is a pretty good animation. Good job! :)

Bertn1991 responds:

Thanks : ) I'm glad that SOME people like it. Oh, and there really is no plot for this series, as there is never any writing. Anyway, thanks for watching!

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3.89 / 5.00

Apr 4, 2015
10:07 PM EDT